Quiz: Can We Guess Your Favorite School Subject?
Can We Guess Your Favorite School Subject?
By: Steven Miller
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About This Quiz

Each of us has subjects that we get excited about, as well as those that bore us to tears. While some may get fired up about starting a new novel, others would rather go and see the movie version. Once we find out a little more about you, we think there's a good chance that we can narrow in on which class you were looking forward to all day long and which one was basically a mild form of torture.

Did firing up the Bunsen burner and setting out the dissecting equipment bring a smile to your face? Did the periodic table appear as a decoration in your room or as a protective cover for your books? If so, it would seem likely that science class was where you enjoyed yourself the most.

Alternatively, if you'd rather lay under a tree and read a book all day, we're guessing you always were a deep thinker and envisioned yourself writing the great American novel one day. In that case, it would make sense that language arts would be where you felt the best.

Perhaps the traditional classroom setting drove you completely crazy, no matter what the subject. If that sounds familiar, it seems likely that physical education would have been the one subject that allowed you to express all that energy and athletic ability you had to bottle up the rest of the day.

The bell just rang. Time to get to class.

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