Quiz: Can We Guess Your Favorite World Leader?
Can We Guess Your Favorite World Leader?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: WikiCommons by Michael Vadon, WikiCommons, www.kremlin.ru.

About This Quiz

World leaders are as different as the places they represent. Certain countries tend to produce the same type of leader because their culture expects certain qualities from its leaders. Some leaders become historical touchstones we look to for examples in times of crisis. Teddy Roosevelt said that no great general is known until he is used in war, so some leaders don't come to the fore until the time is right to put their skills to work.

While the United States has produced many memorable and inspiring world leaders, so too have many other nations. Nelson Mandella was a great world leader long before he actually held any elected office. Mahatma Gandhi was a world leader as well, achieving his fame not from enacting legislation, but through fasting and peaceful demonstration.

So what do you prize in world leaders? Do you look for silver-tongued salespeople capable of talking their enemies into backing down? Inspiring political leaders who call to our highest ideals and risk all for the success of their people? Or do you prefer pragmatists who do what they can within the confines of their political environment? We are sure that if you take this quiz, we can guess which world leader is your ideal statesman.

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