Quiz: Can We Guess Your First Car?
Can We Guess Your First Car?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

You might have many cars in your life, but getting your first car is a milestone like no other! Your first car was your ticket to the world, and you cruised around with pride while knowing you were the coolest person on the road. Whether your first car was a boxy old Beemer or a flashy new Prius, you will never forget the sense of freedom you felt the first time you grabbed hold of the wheel. It didn’t matter if it was fresh off the showroom floor or your dad’s old hand-me-down, you knew that adventure was ahead and you never looked back!

Have you ever noticed how certain personality types drive certain kinds of cars? Vehicles do more for us that simply get us around. They make our jobs easier, they make our loved ones closer, and they get us home from a long semester at school. In fact, we spend so much time in them that they start to rub off on us.

As you shift your way through our quiz, brake on the response that makes the most sense about your first car. We’ll get a good sense of what car you loved first, and we’ll tell you exactly what you used to drive!

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