Can We Guess Your First Motorcycle?

Mark Lichtenstein

How much did you have to spend when you got your first bike?

What famous motorcycle enthusiast is your idol?

Which airplane design pleases your aethetic tastes?

What kind of helmet did you rock early on?

Assuming you didn't do any major maintenance on your bike, can you still ride it without problems?

How did you dress up to ride your motorcycle?

Other than a helmet, what protective gear did you wear on your bike?

Do you still wear more or less the same gear now as you did when you got your bike?

What kinds of trips did you take on your first bike when it was new to you?

Did you buy it second hand or new?

Was your second bike new or used?

What word would you use to describe your clearest memory from your first roadtrip on your first bike?

Was your second bike a lot like your first one?

What was the first minor accident you got into on your first bike?

What's the worst accident you've had on your first bike?

How performance oriented was your first bike?

Did your significant other like your bike?

Were you part of a club when you had your first bike?

How old were you when you got your first bike?

Was your first bike a compromise or a dream you had since you were little?

Did you ever consider a sidecar for your bike?

What style of bike do you now ride?

What did you wear for back protection on your first bike?

Which gloves are closest to your first set?

Did you give your first bike a name?

Did your friends ever borrow your bike?

Did you wrench on your first bike yourself?

What was the best thing about owning your first motorcycle?

What was the worst thing about owning your first motorcycle?

Would you recommend your first bike to someone else looking to buy a motorcycle for the first time?

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About This Quiz

Has your dream always been the wind in your hair as you race down an empty highway? If so, you probably couldn't wait to own your first motorcycle. Answer these 30 questions about your first bike, and we'll tell you what kind it was.

So, did you dream of your first bike as a rumbling Harley Davidson? Or was your idea of the ideal roadster a thundering Indian? Maybe you were more of a Honda rider? Your first bike says a lot about you. Bikers have a mindset that is much like the personas of classic car enthusiasts (hey, maybe you're a bike AND a car guy?). 

Bikers have all kinds of rules. Do you let others borrow your bike? Is your significant other permitted to hit the road with you? Where do you store your bike? And, hey, we get it... maybe you have developed your biker mindset over the years, but when you first started out, you rode a used and battered roadster. But even if that is the case, that beat up old roller probably left an imprint on your soul that will never be forgotten.

Are you ready to tell us enough about your biker persona so we can guess your first motorcycle? Let's get started.

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