Quiz: Can We Guess Your First Tattoo?
Can We Guess Your First Tattoo?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Tattoos have come a long way over the years. More and more tattoos are considered a form of art and of self-expression. The only limits on what kind of symbols that you should get are the ones in your own imagination. If you can think of what you want tattooed on your body, and you find someone talented enough to do it, the sky is the limit.  

With that said, most people don't start out with the kind of tattoo that is really intricate and expensive. Instead, they do something small, and personal to them, and then they go on to something more extravagant.

What about you? Are you one of those people, or did you go all out and do something that was huge and wild right off the bat? Or did you do something traditional and understated, or something personal to you that only you and those close to you would understand?  

Or maybe you are one of those people that got your lover's name tattooed on you? If you did, we sure hope that you two are still together. No matter what your first tattoo was, we think we will be able to guess. Tattoos are nothing but personal, so if you answer these rather personal questions, we bet we will get it right.

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