Can We Guess Your Gender Based on Your Life Skills?

Teresa McGlothlin

Are you good with numbers?

Do you have a current resume?

Are you a good team player?

Do you say what you think?

What are you typing skills like?

Can you change a flat tire?

Are you more creative or logical?

Do you take a lot of risks?

Are you tech savvy?

Are you good with kids?

Do you know how to tie a tie?

Are you easily angered?

How do you deal with stress?

Are you good at time management?

Do you like to try new things?

Which of your personality traits is strongest?

What are you like in the kitchen?

Do you procrastinate a lot?

Are you a patient person?

How would you describe your manners?

How would you start a fire without matches?

Do you have a lot of willpower?

What percent optimistic are you?

Are you bilingual?

Would you be a good nurse?

Are you assertive?

Which intelligence type are you?

How does your workspace look?

Would you be a good writer?

How are your negotiation skills?

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About This Quiz

Without asking you tired old questions about your favorite colors and your spirit animal to figure out your gender, we're going to study your life skills instead. Once you tell us all about the things you've learned how to do in your lifetime, we'll have a good idea whether you identify as male, female, or as something else.

You might not realize how many skills you really have. Through our experiences and our educations, we learn a set of life skills that carry us through our years. After we examine the skills you do and do not possess, we think we'll be able to get your gender right! We won't ask you any questions about your clothing or your birth certificate, but we will ask you about the things you know how to do. 

If you read our question, and you don't have that particular skill, it's perfectly fine. The things you don't know how to do are just as valuable as the things you do know how to do. After you've completed all the questions, we'll take our best guess. Even if you try to throw us for a loop, we've got you covered by our gender detecting algorithm. You'll be amazed!

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