Quiz: Can We Guess Your Goddess Name?
Can We Guess Your Goddess Name?
By: Teresa M.

About This Quiz

No, we are NOT talking about a “domestic goddess” as Roseanne Barr would call herself. We’re talking about an honest, pure, ethical goddess. One that graces the Earth at her pleasure, spreading a sense of peace and goodness wherever she goes. 

You are here to guide the universe to a better, higher level. Isn’t it time you start calling yourself by your true goddess name? Take this quiz and see if we’ve conjured the name that suits your inner goddess best.

When someone stares into your eyes, do they see the twinkle of starlight, the steadfast gaze of the moon or the lighting zing of the sun? Or is there a mischievous look that peers out from under your lids, with a quick little wink? We’re getting closer to your inner goddess. The quiz provides enlightening questions about how you interact socially, what your favorite perfume is, and what types of words describe you. The answers form a masterpiece of a goddess that has a similar personality, characteristics and traits. Whether your thoughts are up in the clouds or your feet are firmly planted in the rich, nourishing soil, this quiz will provide the appropriate name for a goddess like you. Start now by clicking below.

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