Can We Guess Your Go-To Fast Food Restaurant?

Teresa M.

Which breakfast side dish do you like most?

What would you order from Wendy's?

Which condiment do you like most?

Which fast food joint has the best fries?

What kind of drink would you order with your fast food meal?

How often do you eat fast food?

Do you prefer the Whopper or the Big Mac?

Which time of day do you have fast food cravings most often?

Which burger topping could you live without?

What kind of dressing do you put on your salads?

Which kind of comfort food do you like most?

What's your favorite burrito topping?

Do you like spicy food?

Which snack food would be your first choice?

Which candy bar do you like most?

Which Taco Bell sauce do you like most?

Do you order white or wheat subs from Subway?

Do you dine in or go through the drive thru?

How much do you like the Apple Pies at McDonald's?

Which fast food restaurant has the best coffee?

Would you say you eat a healthy diet?

Do you add a lot of salt to your fries?

How do you feel about Arby's?

Would you ever add jalepenos to a burger?

What flavor of milkshake do you like most?

Which fast food restaurant's logo is most appealing?

What kind of sauce do you like to dip nuggets in?

What would you NEVER dip fries in?

What kind of fries do you like best?

How do you like your steak cooked?

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About This Quiz

Sometimes, nothing but a warm bag full of fast food goodness will satisfy our souls! When you are hungry, and you don't feel like cooking, which fast food restaurant is your go-to place? Share your dietary likes and dislikes, your love of fast food, and a little about yourself with us, and we will be able to accurately guess the drive-thru you most often find yourself driving through. 

When you want food, and you want it now, what type of fast food fare first pops to mind? Some people prefer to grab a burrito on the go, but others prefer a double-decker burger and call it a day. The choices you make during this go-to fast food quiz will tell us which one of those kinds of people you are! Everyone has places they prefer more than others. Our job is to take your answers to our questions and figure out which fast food restaurant gets the most of your business! 

You might want to hit up a dollar menu before you get started. We are sure to make your cravings flare! Let's get cheesy and let's get saucy, the fast food restaurant you frequent most is just on the tip of our tongue.

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