Can We Guess Your Ideal Hair Color?

Marie Hullett

How would your co-workers most likely describe you?

Imagine that you receive a free magazine subscription. Which publication do you choose?

Is your skin cool-toned or warm-toned?

What type of stuff do you post on social media?

Someone you love surprises you with a gift! What do you hope to receive?

What type of people would you most like to kick out of your party?

What do you want to eat for dessert?

Who's your favorite actress?

You get to plan a destination wedding! Which location do you choose?

What color are your eyes?

You're back in high school. Which club will you join?

What's your astrological sign?

Pick your favorite Disney princess?

Your friend gravely betrays your trust. What do you do?

Which mythical creature would you most like to be?

If you could be any age for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

How would you like your nails done by the manicurist?

It's Friday night and you're hosting a movie night! Which flick do you choose?

When you open your closet, what colors do you see?

You're off to the hairdresser. What type of cut do you ask for?

You suddenly possess an incredible super power. What do you hope it is?

What initially attracts you to a romantic partner?

Which of the following is your best physical feature?

What worries you the most?

If you could change careers, what would you choose?

Pizza night! Which toppings will you pick?

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Where do your creative talents lie?

Who is your female superhero of choice?

Do you tend to follow trends?

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About This Quiz

Whether you never give your hair color much thought or you spend hours poring over the subtly varied hues of buttery blonde and chestnut red in Vogue, the strands on your head undoubtedly make an impression on those around you. The right shade can illuminate your best facial features and enhance your complexion, while the wrong tone may make your skin appear dull and lifeless. Unfortunately, one's ideal hair color and real hair color often don't match up. So, what are you supposed to do? 

To find the ideal hair color for you, there are numerous factors to consider that range from your skin tone to your eye color, from your lifestyle to your deepest, innermost passions. Like it or not, hair possesses a lot of value in society - hence the enormous and growing market for hair care products and services of all kinds. Whether people are slathering on growth serums or getting a balayage, society's emphasis on hair definitely isn't going to end anytime soon. 

To ensure your strands will always make the right impression, take the following quiz to unveil your ideal hair color, once and for all.  Finish this quiz and make an appointment with your stylist for the best results!

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