Quiz: Can We Guess Your Intelligence Type?
Can We Guess Your Intelligence Type?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: peepo / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

When it comes to intelligence, we are all smart in different ways. One might be a master of language but be unable to figure out how to change a tire. Quite often, some of the most intelligent people have a hard time with things that seem to be simple common sense to the rest of us. A lot of people who feel dumb simply aren't, it is just that their minds work differently than most. The key to doing well in life is really to figure out what sort of intelligence you have and focus your energy on that.

There really are so many different ways that one can be intelligent. Some of these inlude naturalist intelligence, musical intelligence, logical and mathematical intelligence, and types of intelligence that have to do with understanding people and being good with words. There's also spatial and mechanical intelligence, which is for those who find it easy to understand how things and systems are built. 

What type of intelligent are you? If you don't know, it would benefit you to find out. And if you do think you know, it can never hurt to have those feelings reinforced. Take this quiz and find out what type of intelligence you possess.

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Where would you like to spend your evening?

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How good at flirting are you?

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Who is your favorite science fiction or fantasy writer?

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Do you often think you could make something better than what you just bought?

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Which of these was your favorite subject?

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What is your favorite type of show to watch?

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Are you good at seeing things like blueprints in three dimensions?

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