Can We Guess Your Job Based on Your ’70s Playlist?

Teresa McGlothlin

Boston or Black Sabbath? Which artist and song get to kick things off?

It wouldn't be the '70s without the Bee Gees! What song gets a spot?

If you wanted things to get a little sentimental, which song would you choose?

They dominated the '70s airwaves. Which song by The Rolling Stones makes the cut?

Would you add "Bohemian Rhapsody" or another of Queen's songs?

Every playlist needs some Aerosmith. Would you include "Dream On?"

Bill Withers was full of '70s soul. Would you rather include "Lean On Me" or "Ain't No Sunshine?"

If you wanted to pick up the pace, which song by The Ramones would you use?

Out of these songs, which one takes your playlist on a Journey?

You wouldn't want to leave out '70s country! Which hit gets a place?

Fleetwood Mac defines the '70s sound. How would you include them on your playlist?

Which one of Elton John's biggest hits of the decade gets a slot?

Can you "Imagine" one of these John Lennon songs somewhere in the middle of your playlist?

If you added a Pink Floyd song, which "The Dark Side of the Moon" song would you choose?

Would you "Take it Easy" with the Eagles, or choose a different song?

Credence Clearwater Revival could see a "Bad Moon Rising," but which of their songs makes your list?

Which of these KISS songs would have you singing along?

The '70s were all about dancing. Which of these would shake your playlist's groove thing?

Blondie turned a lot of heads in their day. How would you use one of their songs on your playlist?

If you added a Bad Company song towards the end, which one would it be?

You might not be rockin' Rod Stewart hair, but you can put him on your playlist. Which song makes it?

Do you see yourself adding Heart's "Barracuda" somewhere on your '70s playlist?

If you could slide in a song by Steely Dan, which one would you pick?

The Beatles put out a great album in 1970! Which of its songs gets put on your list?

It's time for a little '70s style hard rock! Which song would make you play air guitar?

Which Foghat song would you use to keep your songs flowing together?

Every playlist needs a one-hit wonder! Which one do you like well enough to include?

Now, you want to add something to take it down. Which song works?

Would you rather add The Clash's "I Fought the Law" or "London Calling?"

Add a little romance! Which '70s love song gets a place on your playlist?

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About This Quiz

Before the invasion of '80s synthesizers, the '70s dominated the airwaves with pure musical gold! Bands like Van Halen were new to the scene. The Rolling Stones were cranking out countless hits, and the Bee Gees were keeping dance floors full. Take a trip back in time with this playlist building quiz, and we'll see if we can figure out what job you rock your way through every day.

Toward the late '60s, music took a turn away from being sugary sweet. It started getting more diverse, and classics were born in every genre. After we see the songs you pick out to form the '70s playlist of your dreams, we'll be able to accurately guess the way you pay the bills. The things you do on the clock will resonate through your choices like Eric Clapton's guitar in "After Midnight." 

Whether you're a line cook or an accountant, you carry certain traits that correlate with the songs you choose. Seeing the way you express yourself through the '70s music is a lot more fun than making you relive your typical work week. Will your playlist help us get it right, or will we make you think about a new career? We hear that some '70s bands are still hiring!

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