Can We Guess Your Job Based on Your "Game of Thrones" Opinions?

Ian Fortey

Where are you hanging your hat in the world of "Game of Thrones" when you catch a few minutes to relax?

Wars and monsters aside, who would you most like to have a drink with from the show?

The final season of "Thrones" upset a lot of people. Who had the least satisfying end to their journey?

Westeros is a rough and tumble place. Who would you want watching your back?

The women of Westeros can be just as heroic or ruthless as the men. Who should have been running the show when the dust settled?

It's kind of amazing anyone lived to see the finale. Who do you wish could have lasted longer than they did?

It's a cruel world in "Game of Thrones," but some people deserve their fate. Who were you glad to see go down?

Who had the most impressive army?

Be honest with us. Who did you think was going to sit the Iron Throne?

A lot of crazy stuff happened over eight seasons. From beginning to end, whose story arc was the best?

Some of the lords in Westeros were pretty awful people. Who was the worst?

Who was clearly the smartest person on "Game of Thrones"?

George R.R. Martin created a world in which no one was safe. Whose death hit you the hardest?

The humans are monstrous in Westeros, but they're not the only monsters. Which non-humans were the coolest?

Children have to grow up pretty fast in "Game of Thrones." Which kid was the most impressive?

With all the death and destruction on the show, it needed some light moments. Who brought the best comic relief?

Riding a dragon looks like the most fun thing ever. Which one are you taking a spin on?

Some people in Westeros are straight evil, and some are pretty good. And then there are the people in the middle. Who is your favorite grey area character?

There are a lot of gods to choose from in "Game of Thrones," some of them more powerful than others. Who do you choose?

Now that "Thrones" is over, who do you wish would get a spinoff?

Some "Game of Thrones" characters vanished before they had a chance to do much. Who contributed the least to the show?

Who managed to redeem themselves after seeming like they were up to no good?

What's in a name? Plenty. Who had the most memorable name on the show?

Who was the most villainous of villains in Westeros?

You're going to college in Winterfell! Pick a Stark to be your roomie!

Who survived the show that you were positive was going to die at some point?

There's a good deal of eye candy in Westeros. Who was the most handsome man?

Some people vanished from the show so long ago you don't even remember them. Which of these characters do you recall the least?

They say "winter is coming" because winter doesn't happen every year, but when it does come, it'll be bad news. How would you get ready for the cold?

Some people had brains, some had brawn, and some had next level powers. Who was the most impressive?

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About This Quiz

Lucky for us, the real world and the world of the Seven Kingdoms don't have a whole lot in common. Sure, it was fun to visit Westeros every week, but man was there a lot of murder and mayhem going on in that world. If it wasn't dire wolves and dragons or giants and undead wights, you had to deal with merciless rulers, howling barbarian hordes, invading armies and people who can swap faces. They swapped faces! It'd be incredibly hard to make a living in a world like that.

In our world, making a living is decidedly less dangerous, but also far less dramatic for the most part. We're missing out on all that intrigue and excitement, not to mention the heroics and pulse-pounding action. So what do we do? We work in this world and relax in that one. It makes for a nice balance. 

But do the two relate at all? Can we figure out what you do for a living out here in reality, based on nothing but what you think of George Martin and HBO's awesome fantasy universe? Yeah, we can do that. It's not as cool as commanding dragons, but it's a skill. Take the quiz — which includes spoilers, of course — and see for yourself!

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