Can We Guess Your Level of Education Based on Your Emotional IQ?

Ashley Palkovics

How do you react to a boss criticizing your work?

What's your relationship with your family like?

When is the last time you got in a fight with someone?

How do you react to people giving you unsolicited advice?

What do you do when someone asks you to hang out, but better plans come up?

What criticisms have you received from other people recently?

How good at you at being reflective of yourself?

How do you respond when someone tells you they have a problem?

Which age group would you be a school teacher for?

How do you feel about talking about your feelings?

What do you do when asked to alter your personality for an environment (i.e., going to church, visiting family)?

What do you do when someone does something that bothers you?

Do you need affirmation?

Are you OK with getting out of your emotional comfort zone?

How do you feel when you have to be in the same room as someone you can't stand?

How do you feel when the person you're talking to has an adverse opinion?

What do you encourage in others when they're upset?

Do you often surprise yourself with how you react to things?

When you're working with someone who is older than you, who makes more decisions?

How do you see the glass?

Do you enjoy therapy?

How do you respond to a joke made at your expense?

Which is most important to you in an argument?

How do you deal with personal failure?

What's your relationship with "drama"?

As far as significant others, what do you use to guide your actions?

Which mindfulness activity would you actively use?

Which part of you is stronger?

What kind of learner are you?

What do you most often learn from watching/listening to someone else?

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About This Quiz

Scientists have argued for years over nature vs. nurture. What impacts your emotional intelligence as you come into your own? Arguably, education is a major factor in the IQ you have. It makes sense if you think about it. The typical human spends the years of 4-18 as a mandatory student for five days a week. That ends up being 180 days out of your entire year, 6+ hours a day, for 13+ years. After that, you have the option to spend another 2-20 years in some form of learning environment depending on what you focus on, be it a college education, the rigors of the military, or something more hands-on like a trade. All of these paths require a further pursuit of knowledge. Can these goals towards intellectual greatness be a factor in your emotional development? Oh, absolutely.

Your emotional intelligence is your capacity to understand, interact and describe emotions in both you and other people. Can you identify when someone is cross with you and make the decisions to fix it? Or do you blow on through other people as you live unapologetically yourself? With careful analysis, there are patterns in emotional capability that are related to how far you went for your education. The more school you have, the more experiences you've gotten with a wide variety of people. The opportunities are statistically larger and therefore bring the most well-rounded and emotionally intelligent folks. Answer a few questions, and we'll take a swing at guessing how much schooling you've got based on that IQ of yours!

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