Can We Guess Your Lowest Golf Score?

Zoe Samuel

How's your temperament?

Have you ever cheated?

For your age and medical history, are you in peak physical shape?

Do you have any injuries?

What do you like least about golf?

What sort of workout do you do regularly?

Do you use a caddy?

Do you drive a buggy?

At what age did you get your first clubs?

How many golf clubs are you a member of?

Have you ever traveled to another city or even country specifically to play golf?

How many partners are in your regular golfing rotation?

How often do you golf?

What's the nicest thing about golfing?

If you have a really awful first few holes, how easily do you shake that off?

How do you react if you get stuck behind a slow duo?

Do you play when it's raining?

Among hobbies on which you spend money, where does golf rank for expenditure?

Have you ever won a trophy?

Did you ever consider going pro?

Do you play for money, just casually with friends?

Would you patronize a club that did not admit women as members?

Did you choose where you live because it's convenient to a place that you can golf?

What do you say to people who think golf is boring?

Do you watch professional golf?

How many pairs of golfing shoes do you own?

Have you ever quit a round because it was just going so horribly?

What's your handicap?

What's the furthest you have ever driven a ball?

What's your strongest stroke?

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Image: Sam Edwards / OJO Images / Getty Images

About This Quiz

In his book, "Play It As It Lies," Norman Thelwell notes, "Golf is, without doubt, the easiest ball game known to man." Thelwell is, of course, being intentionally ridiculous in this statement, and his hilarious drawings provide the comical counterweight to his assertion. He goes on to spend the rest of the book giving advice that may not improve your game, but will make you laugh at the foibles and hilarities of golf (and laughter is calming, so perhaps that will help a little).

Ultimately, golf is a game that anyone can play... badly. That is, it is not like tennis, where if you cannot play at all, then nothing happens. You can be terrible at golf and still make at least some progress, though you may be advised to get out of the way of other people on the course if you're going very slowly. You can also handicap the game in a way that means a good player and a weak one can actually be on something like a level footing. That means the things that typically make a person quit before they get good can be neutralized, which means, of course, that if you stick with it, there's no reason you can't become quite a decent golfer.

Better yet, even an only-OK golfer can have one really good day, and that's what this quiz is all about. Whether you're a newbie, a good golfer, or a great golfer, you might have a brag-worthy score to share with us. Let's see if we can guess your glorious number!

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