Quiz: Can We Guess Your Military Nickname?
Can We Guess Your Military Nickname?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

If there's one thing anyone who has been in the military knows, it's that the entire institution, from top to bottom and across all four branches, just loves an acronym. There are acronyms for branches, planes, weapons, housing, ranks, and even food. Some acronyms describe how a piece of hardware works (for example, radar, which is actually a portmanteau word). 

There are acronyms that tell you where you are, or how well or badly things are going. Generally speaking, if there are three words necessary for describing something, the military will turn them into one short one.

This is just one of the examples of military nicknaming. Generals in particular always have a name by which their troops know them, and they had better hope it's flattering. Pilots invariably collect a nickname, as fans of Tom Cruise have been aware for some decades now. 

Likewise, military bases, the on-base dogs, politicians, planes, and colonels' wives are all prone to picking up a moniker. These are typically affectionate, sometimes snarky, and every so often, just a smidge on the cutting side. Either way, they're always profoundly descriptive - so tell us about yourself, and we'll see what name your comrades in arms would give you!

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