Quiz: Can We Guess Your Relationship Status?
Can We Guess Your Relationship Status?
By: Khadija Leon
Image: SHutterstock

About This Quiz

Romantic relationships are some of the most meaningful relationships that many of us will experience in our lives. A romantic relationship is one situation where someone chooses to love you and be in your life, instead of feeling obligated to love you because they're related to you by blood. Such a relationship can bring feelings of accomplishment and fulfillment. Unfortunately, this is not something that everyone will get to experience. 

Everyone has a relationship status, though, which can include everything from being single to married, from being in an open relationship to being in a domestic partnership. You might be engaged, or in a civil union, or maybe you don't even know where you stand with your partner. Many of us go through life thinking that we want one thing and oftentimes we end up in a relationship that is completely different. There is no guarantee of happiness in any relationship status.

We wonder, what is your current status? With this quiz, will we be able to correctly guess if you are single, engaged, married or in a complicated relationship?  There is only one way to find out, and that is to take this quiz! Make it a challenge and ask your friends to take it as well!

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