Quiz: Can We Guess Your Sex IQ?
Can We Guess Your Sex IQ?
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

When it comes to bedroom matters, how intelligent are you? If you've never asked yourself that question or if you think you already know, this is the perfect quiz to find out the truth once and for all! Share your thoughts on sex, relationships, and romance with us, and we'll be able to tell you where you fall in the sex IQ scale! Will you score higher or lower than you think?

While there are many ways to measure overall intelligence, there are very few ways to measure sexual intelligence. It's one thing to be a good lover, but it's a totally different animal to be a smart lover. Once we get a good feel for the things that make you want to get it on, we'll be able to measure your sexual intelligence against the general population. Then, we will generate a score that you can brag about as you buy the next round for your closest friends! Using the standard measurements for the intelligence quotient, we'll blow your mind with your score!

Find a quiet corner and let your answers rip! We promise not to tell a single soul how you respond. Once you're done, you'll know how sexually smart you are! Let's get busy!

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