Quiz: Can We Guess Your Signature Firearm?
Can We Guess Your Signature Firearm?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Hmaag

About This Quiz

Share you marksmanship with us, and we will be able to figure out your very favorite, your signature, your cannot-live-without firearm. We won't just come out and ask you whether you most like holstering a Ruger LC9 or a Glock G43. Instead, we're going to line up our sights on your personality and the way you handle yourself on the shooting range. 

Just like the brands of foods we buy, everyone has a preference in firearms. From the way the grip feels in your hand to the amount of kickback you can handle, having a gun that best suits you and your needs is as essential as the water you drink. Not just any firearm will do, and we'll be able to pick up on the one you prefer simply by learning about you. 

Whether you are an avid hunter or you carry for personal protection, you'll leave little forensic clues lying around this quiz. After we've gathered enough intelligence about you to clear you for the local police force, we will reveal the signature firearm you call your very own. 

Get ready to take aim at the response that suits you best. Then, we'll let you know what we think! 

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