Can We Guess Your Soulmate's Initials?

Ian Fortey

If you were going to date a superhero, which one would you be most likely to choose based on personality?

Where would be an ideal place for someone to take you on a first date?

Which of these dating apps do you feel is the worst option for meeting someone you want to get serious with?

What would be the least impressive place a first date could take you?

What time of year is your absolute favorite?

We all like to indulge now and then. What's your favorite junk food?

If money was no issue, where would you go on your next vacation?

If guests showed up to your house unannounced right now, is there any part of your home you wouldn't want them to see?

What's the single best drink you can order if you're in a bar?

When you're scrolling through Netflix, what genre are you most likely to be looking at for a movie to watch?

Every holiday has its perks, but which holiday do you enjoy the most?

You don't have to have a record contract to want to sing. Where do you sing the most?

What would you say is your best physical quality?

Where would you most like to build a dream house?

If you're home by yourself and hungry for a meal, what are you most likely to whip up?

If someone wanted to bring you flowers, what kind would you most like to receive?

Online shopping is just so much easier than going out. What's your go-to online retailer?

What do you feel is the best way to spend a long weekend in the summer?

Not everyone wants a dog or a cat. Which of these unusual pets is most appealing to you?

When you're out at a party, do you feel pretty comfortable and sociable?

If you need to go get some fresh fruits and vegetables, where would you most like to go?

If you have to go on a major trip somewhere, what mode of travel would you most enjoy?

What kind of get-togethers do you have with your family?

How would you cook a steak if you had to whip one up right now?

Which of these mishaps is going to guarantee you don't give someone a second date?

So what's going on with your love life right this moment?

What is the absolute best kind of cookie you can eat?

When it comes to taking care of yourself, what do you like to do to stay in shape?

If you could join any TV show family, which family would you want to be a part of?

What do you do with your downtime when you get away from work?

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About This Quiz

The Greek philosopher Plato wrote about the concept of soulmates in "The Symposium" and the story was quite bizarre.  In this tale, humans were originally not separated by gender.  We were kind of a monstrous species that had two heads, four arms and four legs and, as a result of all those ridiculous appendages, we used to cartwheel around all over the place.  The gods feared these cartwheeling beasts, and so Zeus cut them in two, to keep them in check.  The resulting humans, now split into two separate sexes, were miserable as they longed to find their other half and only achieved any kind of real happiness again once they did so.  And that, essentially, is your soulmate.  it is the literal other half of yourself. At least in that story, which of course was meant to be a little bit preposterous. 

Your soulmate likely was never torn away from you by a Greek god, but you know that when you find the right person, it does feel like you're truly complete.  But how do you truly know if it's the right one?  Well, that takes time, but we can help!  Answer some questions and we'll tell you the initials of your soulmate. What are you waiting for? Cartwheel into the quiz and see!

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