Can We Guess Your Soulmate's Zodiac Sign?

Teresa McGlothlin

How many times do you text your sweetheart during a work day?

How many soulmates do we get in a lifetime?

Which word describes your very first relationship?

When you are in a relationship, do you steal the blankets?

Which of the zodiac-related elements do you feel connected with?

What sort of first date sounds the most ideal?

Can a soulmate be just a friend and not a lover?

Have you broken more hearts or had your heart broken more often?

Do you tend to fall in love easily or do you like to take your time?

Which of the zodiac animals are you most like when you are in a lover's quarrel?

Which trait do you find most admirable in a partner?

Which historical couple do you see your and your soulmate being most like?

Which of the following things would be a relationship dealbreaker?

If we asked your last ex about your style, how would they describe you?

Have you personally experienced love at first sight?

Do you have more of a generous heart or a cautious heart?

Do you check your zodiac compatibility when you meet someone new?

What is the biggest thing you bring to a relationship?

Do you think you are marriage material?

How much does your zodiac sign affect your relationships?

Who are you most likely to ask for relationship advice?

How would you tell someone that you have a crush on them?

Are you the type of date who would share your fries?

How would you rate yourself on a scale that measures romance?

Which of these zodiac signs do you know most intimately?

Are you usually the first person to say I love you?

How do you think you'll know when you meet your soulmate?

Do you have a preference for your soulmate's zodiac sign?

Why would you like to have one tried and true soulmate?

Would you describe your life more like a Rom-Com or a drama?

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About This Quiz

Traditional astrological compatibility is based solely upon your date of birth, and it fails to take your personality into account. In order for any soulmate relationship to work, it needs to be based upon more than just your birthday month. Soulmate relationships are special, and careful examination must be taken when guessing which of the 12 signs your soulmate will have. 

The feelings related to being in love can directly be attributed to our biological makeup. When we are in love, even soulmate love, we are flooded with all sorts of chemicals and hormones. In fact, so many changes take place that we might turn into a different zodiac sign entirely when have found our partners in crime. Clearly, we can not simply rely on traditional astrological beliefs to figure out your soulmate's sign. 

Instead, we've taken a different approach. By the time you finish telling us about the demands you have from a soulmate, your experiences with being in love and the way you feel about the stars, we think we can accurately guess your soulmate's zodiac sign. And we won't even ask you when you were born! We will, however, take our best guess at your soulmate's sign! Will we get it right, or will we need to consult the stars? 

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