Can We Guess Your Superpower by Your Taste in Food?

By: Teresa McGlothlin

How do you feel about eggplant?

Do you like spicy food?

What is the best way to eat a potato?

What do you like to dip into hummus?

How should a steak be cooked?

Which citrus fruit do you enjoy the most?

What kind of wine tastes the best?

What might you add to mac and cheese?

Which fast food restaurant do you visit most often?

Which taco filling do you prefer?

Do you like coffee or hot tea more?

Do you like avocados?

What is the best thing to grill?

Which vegetable do you like the least?

Which kind of pie would you order?

Which sundae topping would you double?

Which junk food do you prefer?

Which kind of soup is your favorite?

Which appetizer would you order?

Which type of takeout do you order most?

What would you order from Taco Bell?

What kind of cheese is the tastiest?

Which condiment do you use most?

Which spice do you use most frequently?

What is the best way to eat an egg?

Which salad topping do you like most?

Do you prefer black or green olives?

How much do you love kale?

Which kind of soda do you prefer?

Which herb is your favorite?

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Image: Enrique Díaz / 7cero / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Imagine being able to leap long grocery store lines in a single bound. Think about how handy the power of invisibility would be when you simply don't want to have a conversation while waiting to check out. After this quiz, you'll know which superpower you possess, and you'll be able to use it to your shopping advantage. 

As we battle the dark side and the light side of your tastes in food, all you have to do is tell us what you like and what you do not want anywhere near your plate. After you've given us a good idea about the kinds of foods you enjoy the most, we'll be able to use the information to figure out which superpower lurks beneath your mortal shell. Then, you can embrace your newly found powers. 

Whether you use your superpower for good or for evil is entirely up to you, but we are betting you'll use it to call for takeout after we make you hungry. Share the foods you could eat all the time, the ones you've never tried and the way you like your food cooked. By the time we're finished, you'll know if you can fly or if your power involves something else!

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