Can We Guess Your Taste in Men By Your Taste in Pizza?

Teresa McGlothlin

Which topping would you never add to pizza?

How many times a month do you eat pizza?

Which speciality pizza would you try?

What kind of cheese do you like most?

Which kind of pepper would you top your pizza with?

How much pepperoni do you like on your slice?

Would you add black olives or green olives?

Do you like ham on pizza?

What kind of crust do you prefer?

Do you like a thin or a thicker sauce?

Which pizza chain do you like most?

Have you ever tried making your own pizza?

What would you sprinkle your pizza with?

Have you ever tried a pretzel crust pizza?

How many slices can you eat in one sitting?

Do you eat your pizza with a knife and fork?

Do you like broccoli on your pizza?

How do you feel about pizza rolls?

Which spice should a sauce have most of?

Do you order sardines on your pizza?

What kind of mushroom tastes best on pizza?

What do you prefer to wash pizza down with?

Do you eat salad with your pizza?

Have you ever tried a fruit pizza?

Which topping would you double?

Do you like brick oven pizza?

What do you like most about pizza?

Would you eat shrimp on pizza?

Do you put hot sauce on your pizza?

Would you order extra sausage?

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About This Quiz

Are you more of a deep dish or a thin crust kind of person? Sharing the things you like and dislike about pizza will tell us a lot about you. Most importantly, we're sure it will give away your tastes in men. Describe your perfect pizza to us, and we'll take it from there.

You might prefer Chicago style, or it could be all about the New York street pizza vibe for you. No matter how you like your pizza, we will make sure to relate it to your taste in men. Tell us about the toppings you love and the ones you find absolutely disgusting, describe your perfect sauce, and make sure to let us know how you feel about cauliflower crusts.

Once you've picked out your very favorite parts of the pizza and you've made our mouths water, we will use our insightful system of comparison to figure out what kind of man rocks your world. Whether you like them as cheesy as a white pizza or you prefer them meaty like a sausage-heavy slice, your taste in men will become clear after we learn about the pizza you would order every weekend. Let's see how spicy or how bland you prefer your men!

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