Quiz: Can We Guess if You're a Baby Boomer in 30 Questions?
Can We Guess if You're a Baby Boomer in 30 Questions?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

No one should be judged for the generation they are from. You might be a millennial and get along great with someone that is a baby boomer, while at the same time someone your own age might drive you crazy. At the same point, there is no doubt at all that each of our generations has a lot of different things that are unique to them that other generations just don't understand.

A good example is how generations dealt with the phone. Baby boomers actually would pick up a phone that was attached to the wall without having any idea who it was on the other end. How odd is that? Generation X got used to cell phones, but when they were young the phone was still attached to the wall, but they could use answering machines and caller identification to screen calls if they wanted to. Now people carry their phones around with them and pretty much never answer it. Why waste time picking up the phone and talking to someone when you can just text them instead?

We've got 30 questions to ask you, and if you answer them honestly, we can tell if you're a baby boomer or not. Don't forget. Boomers never lie. 

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