Can We Guess If You're a Sunday Only Catholic?

Haiden Steingass

It happens to the best of us. How often do you miss mass?

Hey, look! Squirrel! When you get distracted at mass, what do you think about?

We're not asking you to do it right now ... but could you recite the 10 Commandments, you know, on command?

What's the pope's name?

Did you go to grade school at a Catholic church?

Let's be real. How comfortable on a scale of one to 10 are you telling others that you are Catholic?

Do you talk to anyone when you go to mass?

We've got to know. What's the most painfully awkward part of mass in your opinion?

How do you spend your Saturday nights?

"I'm sorry, father, but I haven't been to confession in a while." When's the last time you went?

Who in your family is a devout Catholic?

Let's talk dealbreakers. Is it a no-no if your significant other is not Catholic?

Time to share! What do you love most about mass?

How does this part of the homily end: "My peace I leave with you, my...."

At what point during mass do you leave?

Do you serve in any capacity at your church?

Out of these four, which do you struggle with the most?

When's the last time you cracked open your Bible?

How long have you been going to your church?

What's your communion routine?

When's the last time you went to adoration?

It's Friday during Lent, but you go out with some friends to a fancy steakhouse. What do you order?

Happy Lent! What are you giving up this year?

It's 2019 ... What do you think a woman's role is?

Abstinence ... is it a thing in your life?

How do you feel about other Christian denominations?

Do you give to the church?

What are your thoughts on in vitro fertilization?

When you die, where do you go first?

Which saint do you relate most to?

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About This Quiz

CCD, rosaries and first communion ... Does that bring back a flood of memories from your childhood? In the Catholic faith, as you already know, some of the most important moments happen when you are only in grade school. From going to religious education (erg, CCD) every single Sunday growing up to taking rigorous tests before being allowed to be confirmed, a lot goes into prepping a child to be a devout Catholic as an adult. 

But, did it ever work out that way for you? Maybe, you had all your ducks in a row when you were eight, wearing your blindingly white communion dress or your dapper little suit as you received Holy Eucharist for the very first time. Your family came to celebrate you. They took photos and ate a little white cake in honor of your holiness. It was all so "perfect," back then, as if growing up and becoming an adult wouldn't get in the way of being that passionately involved Catholic you always thought you'd be. 

So, what now? Are you still that devout Catholic, or are you more of the "Sunday only" type? We can only speak for ourselves, but we won't judge either way. Take this quiz, and let us guess if you are!

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