Can We Guess if You're a Veteran?

Zoe Samuel

Do you like to travel?

Have you ever gotten a sunburn?

Do you use a lot of acronyms?

Did you change jobs in your late 30s?

How do you feel about the GI bill?

Have you added pages to your passport?

Have you lived far from civilization?

Do you speak any foreign languages?

How do you look in khaki?

Which hand would you use to wave at someone in an Arab country?

Do you have government provided health care?

Do you have a security clearance?

Could you survive in the wilderness?

How many push-ups can you do in one go?

How many times have you moved?

What's the highest number of room mates you've ever had?

Can you fix a flat?

Can you off-road?

Do you know the phonetic alphabet?

How do you tell time?

Can you read a map?

Do you know Morse code?

Do you unconsciously know which way is north?

What is a cadence?

How many tattoos do you have?

What's a number 2?

What does FUBAR man?

If you meet a woman you don't know, what do you call her?

Have you ever heard of trench foot?

What's your idea of a lot of money?

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About This Quiz

The decision to put your life on the line for your country is a big one. While American citizens are required to register for the draft - in a bizarre gendered tradition, only if they are male - they have not been required to actually come good on that hypothetical promise for some decades now. That means the decision is one that is made voluntarily, which is the essence of heroism: a sacrifice that a person did not have to make, but chose to, in order to serve a higher good than their own pleasure or glory.

Obviously, not everyone who joins the military comes at it from such a selfless beginning. Some just look on it as a good job. Others desire to learn skills or build a resume that will help them market themselves in the wider job market later on. Still, others are looking to the GI bill to help them pay for college. However, all of these folks, once they are serving, will invariably pick up a particular pride in their unit and in the mission that the American military performs all over the world.

Can we tell if you are one of these brave souls? Take this quiz and let's find out!

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