Can We Guess if You're British or American?

Zoe Samuel

What was your favorite children's TV show?

What kind of car did your parents own when you were a child?

What sort of city do you consider exotic?

Who goes out in the midday sun?

What would you say if I told you that the sun has got its hat on?

What is a reasonable speed limit?

How is your lane discipline?

Who is white van man?

Do you like guns?

What do you call the system by which you measure things?

How much do you weigh?

What do you call those long roads you drive on?

Who were the biggest heroes of WW2?

What caused WW2?

What is the most exciting motorsport?

What sport is the most masculine?

Who was/were the coolest gangster(s)?

What is the coolest sports car?

How do you tie your bow tie?

How far is far?

How much sugar should be in a slice of bread?

Who is your county's best friend?

What year did you get your first cellphone?

At what temperature do you complain about it getting hot?

How would you describe the French?

What is the worst thing about Italy?

What's the best thing about America?

What's the best thing about Britain?

How much money needs to change hands for it to be a political scandal?

Does your vote count?

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About This Quiz

I say, old chap, is it possible that you're a fellow Britisher, or do I have the pleasure conversing with Johnny Foreigner? Hey, y'all, you come from round these parts, or ain't you a Yankee?

If one of those sentences sounded like the English language and the other one sounded like utter nonsense, that alone tells us an awful lot about whether you hail from Britain or America. These two nations, separated by 3,000 miles of ocean, are united by far more than has ever divided them. Both are representative republican democracies designed as a free market economy with a social democratic component that invests in and protects their weakest members - more or less, depending which one you look at. Both share similar enemies and have most of the same friends. If you're from the Pacific Northwest, you even share a climate with America's ancestor and best friend!

However, there are still differences between the two cultures. America is a vast, sprawling, gloriously chaotic place that contains multitudes of diverse subcultures, but it's still possible to compare its most widely-held stereotypes, values, and ideas to its buddy across the Atlantic. Tell us about yourself, and we'll figure out if you hail from the States, the Kingdom, or a little of each!

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