Quiz: Can We Guess if You're Enlisted or an Officer?
Can We Guess if You're Enlisted or an Officer?
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Any position in the military is a noble and honorable one. Our job during this quiz is to find out whether you are enlisted or if you are an officer. Answer our questions carefully, and we'll make our most accurate guess at the end. 

As they say, everyone has to start somewhere. There's nothing wrong with being an enlisted member: in fact, a whole lot of officers have earned their positions by starting as an enlisted service member. By the time we're done getting to know all about you, we are 100% sure we will be able to guess where you are currently ranked. 

For our inquisition, we are going to look at the way you get through your every day. We want to know all the details about your skills, personality, and the way you live your life. Once we get a good feel for your mindset, we will know which rank you hold. 

March through the questions with us, and remember to watch the lines while you flank. After you've crossed the finish line, we will tell you our best guess. Are you enlisted or are you an officer? Give us a shot, and we'll tell you what we think!

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