Can We Guess if You're Gen X, Baby Boomer, or Millennial?

Mark Lichtenstein

What is a zine?

What letters continue after LGB?

What resolution was the first TV you bought?

How do you listen to music?

What do you mostly use your phone for?

How's your eyesight?

Does the fear of AIDS affect your dating life much?

Flared jeans: yes or no?

Do you think Reagan was a good president?

When you stand up, do you say, "Oof"?

What country do you think of as someplace safe to visit?

What country do you think of when you imagine someplace unsafe?

What shape was the first TV you bought.

At what age could you touch-type?

Did you enjoy employer-paid healthcare most of your life?

What is a podcast?

Is there much chance that global warming will seriously affect the planet in your lifetime?

Can you support a family of four on a single income?

What does it mean if someone is "woke"?

Did you cohabit with your s/o before marriage?

Do you expect to have a pension?

Did you ever see the Beatles live, or just on a screen?

Do you have a job for life?

Who is Beyonce?

Do you ever watch Fox News?

Who is America's enemy?

Who is America's friend?

What do you like least about your own generation?

How will your house be powered during your retirement?

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About This Quiz

One thing is sure when you talk about the different generations: The generation before you gave you a bad start and the generation after you is screwing up everything you worked so hard to fix from those before you. Does that sound familiar? Well, the truth of the matter is that generations are cyclical, and if you wait long enough (75-100 years) the ideals, thoughts and themes of your own will make a comeback.

From how you address strangers, Daddio, to what you consider is the bee's knees, our slang, jargon and colloquialisms are a big part of our generation. Whether you think its rad to do the "Macarena" or far out to do the "Hustle," cultural gaps are often closer than you think, with only a few distinct differences.

Your generation is your fingerprint on the world. It is the mark that defines who you are and tells the world where you are heading or where you've been. Are you a baby boomer? Are you Gen X? Perhaps you're a millennial? Or maybe you're in between and have the clear understanding of multiple generations or a lack of understanding of all.

Answer these questions on your likes, dislikes, fads, slang and more, and we'll tell you which generation you grew up in.

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