Can We Guess if You're More Into British or American Men?

Zoe Samuel

Does your ideal man show up on time?

Has he ever left his home country?

Can he tan?

What's his idea of a long way?

Does he mind being seen to struggle?

What would he wear on a nice date?

Can he cook?

What does he talk about when he talks about social issues?

Does he have a beef with the Australians?

How hard does he work?

Where would you like to go on vacation?

How many people can understand his accent?

How does he react to cursing?

What's your ideal man's idea of a hot day?

What sort of suit does he wear?

Has he ever gone on a diet?

What does he eat?

How did you meet?

Where did you go on your first date?

When did you know it was serious?

What does he call the war that resulted in the creation of America?

Does he mind mixed weather?

What does he drive?

How would you know you were in a relationship with him?

What does he do for a living?

Do you mind having to listen to people talk about their feelings?

Which sporting event do you mind the least?

How important is it that you be an equal partner in the relationship?

What sort of country house do you prefer?

Where does he put his coat?

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About This Quiz

There are some 70 million Brits and 320 million Americans, which means about 20 million British men and 95 million American men over the age of 18. Of those, about 40-45% are in prime singledom age, and half of those are single. So that gives us five million British dudes and say, 23 million American dudes who are of marriageable age and not currently shacked up with someone.

That's a lot of guys to choose from. Indeed, it's so many that even allowing that some of them are jerks, some of them are stupid, and some of them are simply located in places that no sane person would ever want to live, there are still more potentially eligible guys out there than one woman could date in a lifetime. 

That's why it is so important to triage so that one doesn't waste time on the ones who are not suitable, because there's almost certainly more than one good one out there and the only way to find him is to eliminate the bad options as fast as possible and focus on the good.

One way to do that is establish cultural preferences: in this case, British or American? Figure out what you prefer and go where that kind of guy clusters, and you're one step closer to picking the perfect partner. If you tell us your preferences, we'll help you figure out which group suits you best!

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