Can We Guess Your Zodiac Sign Based On Your Favorite Movie Characters?

Emily Maggrett

Which of these "Mean Girls" characters do you relate to the most?

Which "Black Panther" character is the most like you?

Pick a "Die Hard" character?

Who is your classic "Wizard of Oz" character?

Which of these "Lord of the Rings" characters do you vibe with?

Who's your favorite "Crazy Rich Asians" character?

Who's your favorite "Clueless" character?

Who's the most intriguing "Hunger Games" character?

Who's the most interesting "The Doors" character?

Which "Stars Wars" character do you prefer?

Which "Thor: Ragnarok" character is the most like you?

Be honest: which "The Godfather" character would you be?

Which of these "The Color Purple" characters do you relate to?

Which of these "Mad Max: Fury Road" characters do you relate to?

Who's the best "The Devil Wears Prada" character?

Which "Fast and Furious" character do you love most?

Which "It's a Wonderful Life" character do you love most?

Which of these "Casablanca" characters do you sympathize with the most?

Which "Wayne's World" character do you vibe with?

Which "Do the Right Thing" character do you empathize with the most?

Which "Suicide Squad" character is your favorite?

Which "Girls Trip" character is your favorite?

Which "Step Brothers" character do you like the most?

Which "I, Tonya" character do you like the most?

Who's your favorite "Frida" character?

Who's your favorite "Groundhog Day" character?

Pick a favorite "X-Men" character?

Who's the best "Batman" character?

Who's your favorite "Forrest Gump" character?

Who's your favorite "Ocean's 8" lady?

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About This Quiz

Do you prefer Legolas to Aragorn, Astrid to Rachel, Miranda Priestly to Andy? Do you wish Hans Gruber had succeeded, and do you feel like LaVona Golden was just asking Tonya Harding to do what it takes to win?

The answers to these questions may reveal your sun sign! After all, a Gemini and a Pisces can see very different things in the same movie.

A Leo might love Araminta Lee's over-the-top wedding in "Crazy Rich Asians," while a Virgo might see it as a bit much, preferring Bella and Edward's flower-strewn nuptials. An Aries might secretly think that Regina George is ten times as cool as Cady Heron, while an Aquarius might hate both characters, preferring Janis or Damian.

Cancers might root for Peeta Mellark to win the Hunger Games (and Katniss's heart), while Sagittarians find themselves hoping that Gale and Katniss make it. Capricorns and Scorpios might sympathize with Erik Killmonger's ambitions, while Libras and Tauruses prefer Nakia's gentler ways.

Whatever your sun sign is, this quiz will help you discover which movie characters match your vibe! We're willing to bet that we can guess it based on your preferences. Are you ready to prove us wrong (or right)?

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