Quiz: Can You Ace This Aviation Quiz?
Can You Ace This Aviation Quiz?
By: John Miller
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For as long as humans have walked the Earth, they’ve dreamed of soaring into the skies like birds. We haven’t quite mastered jet packs yet, but in the meantime, we have access to everything from hot air balloons, to hang gliders, to P-51 Mustangs and a whole lot more. Along the way, we’ve developed an intricate understanding of the forces that make aircraft work (and sometimes crash). What do you really know about the aviation history and terms in this tough quiz?

In 1903, the Wright brothers finally found a way to make a heavier-than-air aircraft soar into the heavens. They could not have known just how profound their innovation would be — just a decade later, armies amassed tens of thousands of planes in World War I in an effort to kill each other more effectively.

The technological advances of wartime resulted in countless improvements to aircraft, spawning a new world of aviation. What do you know about the devices and tools that help planes fly?

Just getting planes off of the ground is a fascinating exercise in physics and mechanical engineering. Aircraft must somehow harness — or offset — Mother Nature’s principles in order to generate the forces necessary for controlled flight. Do you know just how modern aircraft safely leave the runway and achieve altitudes of thousands or even tens of thousand of feet in altitude?

Climb into the cockpit of our aviation quiz now! We’ll see if you can match wits with the eagles, or if you’ll crash and burn!

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