Can You Ace This Flashcard Spelling Test in Less Than 7 Minutes?

By: Beth Hendricks

Most diaries (that's plural for diary, don't you know) are considered "top secret" information by their owners. Diaries are books of blank paper used to jot down personal thoughts or feelings, sometimes sealed with a lock.

Cameras--whether digital or disposable--used to be a staple in a vacationer's carry-on. Today, most of us walk around with a camera all the time--in the form of one or more apps on our smartphones.

Do you wish you had a dictionary right now? We bet you do! Dictionaries used to be common in print form in homes and offices, but with the internet today, you have a million "dictionaries" literally at your fingertips at all times.

We've come a long way from the blunt-tipped scissors we were handed in kindergarten to cut construction paper. Today, scissors vary based on their intended function, from kitchen shears to those ideal for cutting fabric.

In most states, you can get a learner's permit somewhere around the age of 15, followed by a driver's license at age 16. Every few years, you have to renew your license and update any information that has changed.

A calendar, whether print or digital, lays out your weeks or months so that you can see what's coming up. Many calendars will also provide designations for holidays, so you know when you can get a little R&R.

There are many different types of thermometers out there, including varieties that tell us what the temperature is outside as well as versions that allow us to take our own temperature when we're feeling under the weather.

Believe it or not, bananas are a member of the berry family (while raspberries are not)! They are quite high in potassium, as well as vitamins C and B6, making them a good addition to an individual's diet.

Is there anything better than chocolate? Chocolate can turn a bad day around and make a good day even better, if you ask us. Dark, milk or white – we're a fan of any and all varieties!

A regular-sized piano has 88 keys, but that doesn't mean they all do. Some varieties, such as electronic keyboards, may come in models with as few as 25 keys or as many as 61.

Cars have changed a lot over the years, but one thing that hasn't changed in most models is a variety of gauges – speedometers, tachometers, fuel, pressure, etc. – that appear on a vehicle's dashboard.

It's no coincidence that both the military and hunters use camouflage when out in the field. Its ability to help conceal the person wearing it makes it ideal for staying out of the line of sight of bad guys and deer.

Delivered in 1863 on a battlefield near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Abraham Lincoln's "Gettysburg Address" is considered to be one of the greatest speeches ever given, even at a mere 272 words long.

Committees are made of up people who share a similar interest in something specific. For example, a leadership committee in an office might be concerned with a business' overall operations.

Athletes exists at all levels, from high school and college to professional leagues like the NFL, NBA and MLB. Athletes like Tom Brady, LeBron James and Aaron Judge are some of the top-performing in their respective fields.

Rings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches ... we love anything with the right dose of sparkle. The Hope Diamond, on display at the National Museum of Natural History, still holds the title of the world's most expensive piece of jewelry.

Laboratories around the world do things like analyze blood samples, look for cures for diseases and even test DNA profiles to help identify an individual's ancestry. Many of these functions are carried out by scientists and trained technicians.

Weddings may include Elvis impersonators, pastors or best friends, but a marriage exists between the two people who entered into the commitment. A marriage license seals the deal!

The International Space Station, which hovers in orbit above the planet Earth, is perhaps the most well-known satellite for most people. It is jointly used by the U.S., Russia, Japan, Europe and Canada.

This is one of those tricky words to spell because we so frequently see it abbreviated (that's Sgt., to you). The rank of sergeant comes after that of "corporal" in the U.S. military.

Ugh, is there anything more tedious than running a vacuum? Sure, it's one of those necessary evils, like putting away laundry or walking the dog. But, that still doesn't mean we have to like it.

Most children don't like them and most adults just tolerate them. But, a grandma (and pastor!) in a web video caused vegetables to go viral when she sang about them several years ago.

Snow White approached household chores with a better attitude than most of us, whistling while she worked. Maybe we need to get her help with our vacuuming task from earlier in this quiz.

This one was a bit of a trick question, since both "stationery" and "stationary" are proper spellings of the word. Only "stationery" refers to paper, though, while "stationary" means that something is not moving around.

The amphibian exhibit at the zoo is always a well-attended display, full of jumpy, scaly critters like frogs, toads and salamanders. By design, you'll find amphibians around water, which is necessary for their survival.

It's another one of those words that we pronounce differently from how it's spelled. Avocados are considered part of the berry family and offer many health benefits in addition to being mmm, mmm, tasty.

Floral bouquets are a popular gift to celebrate certain occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays like Valentine's Day. Bouquets are simply assortments of flowers bundled together.

If you've never ridden in a carriage, don't worry, you're not alone. We're not sure how comfy a pumpkin turned into one would be, but Cinderella's Fairy Godmother made it happen.

Caterpillars turn into butterflies through a process known as metamorphosis (another tricky word to spell). Most of us aren't crazy about the wiggly leg caterpillar stage, but we sure do think butterflies are lovely.

Sia's song about swinging from a chandelier might be a thinly veiled reference to partying ... a lot of partying. We're all in favor of having a good time, but just keep it safe, please!

Many people opt for either a two-year or even four-year college degree after high school, while others enter vocational training or start working right away. Whatever you are, be a good one, that's all we have to say.

Known as "Tick-Tock the Crocodile" in Peter Pan, the reptile earned its name for the clock it swallowed. This caused him to give off a tell-tale "tick-tock" sound as he approached, which is not great for hunting expeditions.

The only problem with dessert is choosing which of these to eat! The word "dessert" is often misspelled as "desert," which is a hot and sandy place and not a delicious after-dinner treat.

An estuary is the exact area where a river and an ocean meet. This causes freshwater to merge with saltwater, creating a unique environment. A good example of one is the San Francisco Bay.

Gymnasts are a perfect combination of athleticism, balance, flexibility and coordination. This benefits them in their routines, which range from pommel horses and parallel bars to the balance beam.

Beethoven not only was a composer, but a talented musician. While the piano was his instrument of choice, he earned a living playing viola for three years. He continued to compose and play even after losing his hearing, a truly remarkable feat.

A kaleidoscope is a pretty cool gadget whether you're a child or an adult. Holding it up to your eye and turning it, you're able to see many different patterns which play off light and colored pieces of glass.

Leprechauns aren't real; at least, we don't think they are. They are the product of Irish fairytales, where they're depicted as tiny, bearded creatures who like to cause a wee bit o' trouble.

Graham crackers, chocolate bars and a gooey marshmallow all come together in this campfire treat to create the perfect sweet "sandwich." You could probably make them in a microwave, too (not that we'd know).

It's where Mommy got caught kissing Santa Claus, and where you're likely to also get caught if you hang out underneath it too long. True mistletoe is actually a parasite that grows on other trees and shrubs.

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About This Quiz

In the old days, when bragging rights were on the line for the school spelling bee or there was a spelling test to hurry and study for the next day, there was one thing that could make a nervous speller's heart skip a beat: the mighty flashcard. Although we're not sure whether today's students love 'em or hate 'em (or if they have school spelling bees or even spelling tests anymore), we know they can be an effective learning aid for helping memorize words ... well ... in a flash! How? There have been some studies performed that show that flashcards can actually improve your memorization skills and retention capabilities. Seeing words over and over on a flashcard is like a sticky mental "glue," helping you recall what you've seen flashed before your eyes, oh, a few dozen times.

We're going to use flashcards in this lesson, but not exactly how you might remember them. We'll flash an image of an object and then give you four options for its proper spelling. Don't be fooled by the three distractors; key in on the right answer and choose it fast. Time is ticking! We want to see if you can nail 40 spelling words in less than seven minutes (that's almost six per minute). We know you can do it – we have faith in your inner spelling bee champion!

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