Quiz: Can You Ace This French Noun Gender Quiz?
Can You Ace This French Noun Gender Quiz?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Think you can parlez with the best of them? For centuries French was the language of European high society and an international language of art, science and intellectual pursuits. Today it is known as the language of love, but for non-French speakers, it can be incredibly tricky. It's grammar, pronunciation, verb tenses, and use of accents can really throw English speakers for a loop. 

One very significant way that French differs from English is in its nouns. French is a Romance language, meaning that it descends from Latin. Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian and French are the most commonly spoken Romance languages on earth, and they all share a certain quirk. In all of these languages, nouns are gendered. Depending on the language, there might be 2 or even 3 genders.  

In French, nouns can be either masculine or feminine, and it is not always clear which noun is which, which can make it easy for beginner French speakers to slip up. Sometimes, changing the gender of a noun can change the meaning of a word entirely!  

If you think your French grammar is parfait and you know your masculine nouns from your feminine nouns, they try your hand at this quiz! Bonne chance! 

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