Quiz: Can You Answer These Basic Geography Questions Everyone Should Know?
Can You Answer These Basic Geography Questions Everyone Should Know?
By: Becky
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About This Quiz

Are you a World Geography buff? Take this quiz to see how much you really know.

World geography encompasses the branches of physical geography, human geography, and regional geography. All aspects of geography took millions of years to form, and they are always changing. Although you probably will not see too much of an overall change in geography in your lifetime, be aware that geography is a field in flux. From the land and water features that make the world what it is to the characteristics of the people who live across the globe, geography is an interesting and rich study of the world.

So, if you know the name of the world's tallest mountain, the location of the world's most active volcano, the world's deepest ocean, and the world's largest country, this quiz just might be for you. BTW, you should have answered these questions with Mt. Everest, Hawaii, the Pacific, and Russia, you're on track to get an A on this quiz. And, hey, IS Iceland called Iceland because it is covered in ice?

Do you think you know enough about world geography to ace this quiz or do you think you need to study your notes a bit more? Let's get started to find out.

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