Can You Answer These Beauty Product Questions While Being Distracted by Seriously Sexy Guys?

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Mmmm ... Abs! Which of these makeup techniques can change the shape of your face?

Contouring is the act of adding various tones to your skin in an odd formation, then blending it together. You can use contouring to make your nose or cheeks look smaller or bigger and raise your cheekbones.

When someone has white tips on their nails, what is it called?

French manicures are very popular for formal occasions, but they can apply to basically anything. They look classy and clean. Some people add a little bling to these manicures to add to the classiness.

Eyes on the question, please ... which tool is best for mascara application?

Yes, he's very attractive, but in order to pass this quiz, you're going to need to read those questions carefully. Mascara wands are interesting-looking tools that help you apply the makeup to each eyelash individually.

Can you name the beauty product that isn't normally used on lips?

When we think of our lips, we often think about the shape and the shade that we want to present. Some lips can be bold, while others are slightly understated. It all depends on the products you choose to use.

What would someone use concealer for?

Concealer can be used for a lot of things. If you have dark circles under your eyes or skin discolorations, you might use concealer to even out your skin tone. It is a great product that is applied before the foundation.

Do you know what kind of foundation comes in a loose powder?

Pretty much every kind of makeup is mineral-based, but the greatest marketing plan showed us that loose powder blended into our skin was the healthiest way to put on makeup. It definitely started a trend of blending and contouring.

What would someone choose a liquid foundation over a powder foundation?

Liquid foundation will cover your face better than a powder foundation. A little goes a long way with liquid foundation, so be sure not to use too much at any given time, because overdoing it can make it look like your face has been painted.

How do you choose the bronzer that is best for your skin tone?

Bronzer gives your skin a naturally tanned look. If it is used in the right areas, it will shade areas of your face and help you contour. Avoid a bronzer that will make your skin look orange (or like a fake tan).

Which of these is the opposite of bronzer?

Adding highlighter to your makeup routine will help you give your face dimension as well as add a nice glow to the areas that you want to ... well, highlight. This is an important step in contouring as well.

What is the biggest difference between the different types of beauty products for your lips?

From balms to glosses to sticks to stains, there are so many different products that you can use on your lips. While many stick to the glosses and sticks, each lip product has a different level of pigment, so depending on how bold you want to get, you will use a different product.

Why would someone wear cream blush?

While many just want a muted blush to give them a little contrast and raise their cheekbones, others want a bold blush look, and that is where cream blushes come into play. They are vibrant and bold.

Oh, he has a wonderful smile! What is the purpose of eyeliner?

Wearing eyeliner helps you enhance the look of your eye as well as gives you the ability to bring out the color of your eyes. It can also make your eyes look bigger in photos because it outlines them.

Which of these is NOT a type of eyeliner?

Eyeliner gives a bold color, and powders just don't cut it. However, if you're in a pinch, adding a thin line of darker gel eyeshadow around your eyes will give the illusion that you're wearing eyeliner.

Can you name the beauty product that is NOT for eyelashes?

There are several products that you can use to give your eyelashes more volume, depth and the appearance of more color. However, concealer is generally used for covering up blemishes or skin discoloration.

Why would someone use lip liner?

It's rare that someone would use lip liner that contrasts their lip color (though it isn't unheard of). As a matter of fact, most beauty bloggers teach you how to blend it. Lip liner works on a lot of levels, but it is mostly used to shape the lips and keep the color from smearing.

One of these products ISN'T for nails. Which one is it?

Falsies are fake eyelashes. However, there are dozens of products that you can use to enhance the look of your fingernails, including polishes, acrylics, tips and decals. Most women look for great color and a great pattern.

Which of these products would you use to shape your eyebrows?

Tweezing and waxing can be a little intense the first few times you do it, but creating a great eyebrow shape is a great base for the rest of your face. Don't over tweeze, because it can lead to over penciling.

How often should you wash your face?

Washing your face is an essential part of any makeup routine. Having clean, dry skin helps you apply the makeup in a more even way. Additionally, washing the makeup off each night can help you keep your skin healthy.

When choosing the right colors for your skin, what activity should you participate in?

Swatching is when you take several different shades of makeup and apply them to your wrist or another area of your skin that has the same tone as your face (or wherever you're applying the makeup). This will help you determine what the color will look like against your natural skin tone.

Hey! The question is over here! If you have dry skin, what should you always apply after washing?

Few know that moisturizer is also good for people who have oily skin. Oily skin is caused by your body overworking to avoid dry skin, so applying moisturizer helps balance everything out.

What is the item that holds multiple colors of makeup called?

Just like an artist's palette, a makeup palette holds multiple pigments of various colors that all are kind of similar, but all of them can be applied separately as well. Some palettes even hold different types of makeup.

Of these beauty products, which one is NOT used to apply makeup?

There are several different application tools that you can use to apply your makeup. Each tool is used for a different makeup application technique, including contouring, shading and volumizing.

Why do some beauty bloggers bash sponges?

Beauty blenders and sponges are great tools that are easy on your skin and help you blend perfectly. However, some of these sponges absorb way too much makeup and that means you're spending more money. However, there are blenders that are made of silicone that don't absorb anything.

If you have a bruise, what color concealer should you buy?

Concealers actually come in a variety of colors. If you are prone to bruising, you may find that a yellow concealer helps you out better than one that is flesh tone. Yellow concealers are also good for dark circles under your eyes.

What is the recommended number of times you should do a mud mask in a week?

While many mud masks are gentle enough to use daily, if you have normal skin (or even a little dry or oily), you really shouldn't overdo it on masking. This can make your skin dry out quickly.

Can you name the product that helps keep your makeup in place throughout the day?

If you know you're about to have a long day, adding primer to your makeup routine will help you avoid having to reapply several times. This can be a lifesaver for your skin and your pores.

Do you know which product can keep you looking young naturally?

Choosing a natural sunscreen that includes moisturizers is the best thing you can do for your skin. The sun is good for you, but too much of a good thing can make your skin age quicker than the rest of your body.

Which product do people use to make it look like they sunbathe?

Using self-tanners can be dangerous if your skin color doesn't accept the pigment. You can end up turning an odd orange color that is unnatural. Always test the self-tanners on your skin before you apply it to large areas.

Can you name the beauty tool that takes the static out of your hair and has the ability to give it volume?

Hair straighteners are very versatile items. They can give you waves, curls and perfectly straight hair. They are mostly used to remove static and frizz that is caused by the elements. With high heat, they can be dangerous for your hair, but they give good results.

What is the name of the beauty essential that removes calluses from your feet?

A pumice stone is a hard, rock-like object that you rub across the calluses on your feet. While this helps remove the calluses, it's always best to apply lotion afterward to ensure that the skin on your feet gets moisture.

Can you name the product that people use to cover their gray hair?

Dyeing your hair is nothing new; however, there are a lot of great techniques that you can use to get the color you want without damaging your hair with harsh chemicals that you wouldn't use if you knew what was in them.

What is the last makeup product most people put on their faces?

Setting sprays, dew sprays and refreshing sprays are all great ways to keep your makeup in place when you're having a long day. They also give you an extra glow to help your face shine (in a good way).

If you have yellow teeth, what product might you use to remedy the problem?

Whitening strips are a great way to ensure that you get the look that you want with your teeth. Make sure you talk to your dentist before you purchase them, as some of them can be harsh on your teeth.

Which product will help you clean your face?

When it comes to washing your face, pulling at your skin can cause wrinkles (and sometimes pain). Makeup removal wipes are one of the best ways to remove layers upon layers of makeup.

He's pretty handsome, we know. Finishing powder gives what effect?

If you have the tools and the skills, airbrushing your makeup is a great way to get an even, natural look. However, if you aren't at that level yet, using a finishing powder will help you get the same effect.

Do you know what the "CC" in CC cream stands for?

Color correcting creams will usually come with some sort of moisturizer as well. These creams will even out your skin tone before you apply your makeup, giving you a more finished look when you're done.

Which device helps you remove excess skin from around your fingernails?

Cuticle cutters help remove excess skin from around your fingers, giving your nails a more clean and finished look. It is important not to over trim your cuticles, as this can damage your fingers and nails.

Do you know which vitamin helps the most with hair and nail growth?

Biotin is one of the best vitamins you can take for your hair and skin. It helps keep your hair silky and strong while it makes your nails grow rather quickly. If you are a nail biter, this is a good supplement to start taking.

How do you avoid showing off the peach fuzz on your face?

If you have a thin layer of hair on your face, you may have found that applying foundation actually enhances it. However, if you apply the foundation in a downward motion, it will press the hair down, while using an upward motion will raise the hairs.

One of these statements is true. Which one is it?

Yes, one of the great things about wearing eyeliner is that it can make your eyelashes look fuller. By applying it along the upper lash line, it appears as though your eye lashes are thicker and have more volume.

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