Quiz: Can You Answer These Questions a Golf Expert Should Know?
Can You Answer These Questions a Golf Expert Should Know?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: jhorrocks/E+/Getty Images

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One of the oldest sports in the world, the game of golf was first played centuries ago. In fact, there is proof that people were playing games similar to golf as early as the 13th century. 

Modern golf, however, is said to have been invented in Scotland. And here we are talking about a game over 18 holes with recorded strokes at every hole. The first mention of golf in Scottish history appears in a 1457 declaration by the parliament of Scotland. This banned any soldiers from playing the sport of "gowf" as it kept them from archery practice. It is said that Mary, Queen of Scots was an avid golf fan.

Recorded instructions for playing golf have been found and dated to the late 1600s. That said, golf is a game of many rules, incredibly talented players, beautiful courses and if you are a professional, it's a great way to make a living.

But what exactly do you know about the game of golf? Do you know your bunkers from your condors? Your tee from your putter? What about your hazards from your driver?

Let's test your golfing knowledge in this short golf quiz. Maybe you are up to scratch golfer after all. 

Good luck!



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