Quiz: Can You Answer These Questions Every MLB Fan Should Know?
Can You Answer These Questions Every MLB Fan Should Know?
By: Gavin Thagard
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About This Quiz

Bunts, hits, strikes, famous players, and awards; these are the things every Major League Baseball fan should know!

How much do you love baseball? Surely, you at least have an appreciation for the nearly 150-year-old sport. It is America's pastime, after all. Can you answer any question about it? What about questions that every MLB fan should know?If you're a true MLB fan, here is a quiz that will put your fandom to the test.

In this quiz, you'll find records that have stood for years, famous achievements and blunders, and many other questions any baseball fan can answer. Of course, there are some tricky questions in this quiz as well. Those baseball stadiums can get a little confusing, and it's hard to imagine that some players spent their entire careers with one team, but rest assured, they did. 

Many people say they are Major League Baseball fans, but not everyone is really a fan. This quiz will help you prove your enthusiasm for the sport both to your friends and to yourself. If you have friends who claim they are fans as well, send this quiz to them, and let them show you how much of a fan they really are!

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