Quiz: Can You Answer These Shockingly Difficult Questions About American History?
Can You Answer These Shockingly Difficult Questions About American History?
By: Bambi Turner
Image: BBC Documentary

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Do you know who America fought in the Revolutionary War, or the name of the country's national anthem? Take our quiz to test your knowledge of the USA!

Just under 5,000 years ago, the Egyptians were crafting the Great Pyramids of Giza; Around 2,200 years ago, the Chinese were building their Great Wall; Close to 1,000 years ago, teaching began at England's Oxford University. When you look at events like these and explore many of the world's best-known civilizations, it's clear that the history of the planet is varied, and in many places, it stretches back for hundreds or even thousands of years.

And then there's the United States. Despite being a world power, the United States didn't even exist as a nation just 250 years ago. It might not seem like very long, but it's important to note just how much can happen in a mere two-and-a-half centuries. Think about it this way -- when the U.S. was in its infancy, your ancestors were probably using outhouses and relying on candles for all their light. A century ago, the average person still didn't have indoor plumbing or electric light. Just 50 years ago or so, people with different skin colors couldn't sit at the same lunch counters. Clearly, a lot can change in a surprisingly short period.

Nowhere is that capacity for change more apparent than in the history of the U.S. While relatively short, it is a long and exciting one, filled with 40+ presidents, multiple wars, moments of pride, tragedy and great cultural change brought about by everyday Americans fighting for their beliefs.

Think you know all there is to know about the history of this great nation? Take this quiz to prove your American history IQ!

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