Quiz: Can you choose the country each person ruled?
Can you choose the country each person ruled?
By: Bambi Turner
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For better or for worse, rulers shape countries, forge dynasties and write history -- but how much do you remember about these kings and queens, despots and dictators long after their rule has ended? Take our quiz to see if you can match the ruler to the country!

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According to legend, Nero was busy fiddling while this great land burned.
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Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand united this great European country, but are probably best known for funding the explorations of a guy named Christopher Columbus.
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Queen Victoria ruled this country for a staggering 63 years and still managed to have nine children during that time.
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Which empire is the warrior Genghis Khan associated with?
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Napoleon Bonaparte became emperor of this country in 1804.
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Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of this nation.
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Which country did Catherine the Great become Empress of in 1762?
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Despite his modern-day celebrity, King Tut was a relatively minor ruler in the history of this empire.
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Frederick II made this country the strongest nation in Europe during his 18th century reign.
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Emperor Meiji led this country through its industrial revolution.
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Henry VIII became king of this country at the age of 17.
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Which of these ancient empires was ruled by Alexander the Great?
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Despite his strong legacy, Caesar only ruled this ancient empire for around five years.
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Hitler was chancellor of this country before his Nazi party tried to take over Europe.
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It wasn't just Xanadu that Kublai Khan ruled; he reigned over this ancient empire in the 13th century.
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What country did Queen Elizabeth II rule for 44 years?
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King Sobhuza II ruled this African nation for a record-setting 82 years.
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Which country was led by Vladimir Lenin through the 1920s?
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Which world power was ruled by Winston Churchill during World War II?
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Louis XIV ruled this nation for 72 years.
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Which empire was briefly ruled by a despot named Caligula?
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What country "elected" Kim Jong-Un supreme leader in 2014?
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Which country was led by Benito Mussolini during World War II?
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Emperor Hirohito led this nation into World War II.
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More than 40 million people died when Mao Zedong took this nation on a Great Leap Forward.
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Ashoka ruled this Asian nation from 268 to 232 BC.
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Many suspected Ivan the Terrible suffered from a mental illness when he brutalized the people of this nation during his 16th-century reign.
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What country was led by King Leopold II from 1865 to 1909?
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Which nation was ruled by Joseph Stalin during World War II?
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Which country was led by Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge regime?
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