Quiz: Can You Complete the Lyrics to These 1970s TV Theme Songs?
Can You Complete the Lyrics to These 1970s TV Theme Songs?
By: Stella Alexander
Image: CBS

About This Quiz

"Come and knock on..." the door of this quiz! The 1970s was a dynamic time. The hippies and flower children were out and about. Afros and bell-bottoms were at the height of fashion and disco was rocking the airwaves. While this was all happening, 1970s TV shows were led by their catchy theme songs. From Three's Company  to The Jeffersons, can you complete the lyrics to these 1970s TV theme songs?

While the 1980s and 1990s would take TV sitcoms and branch them off into the world of friends, the 1970s was very much focused on the family. Sitcoms like All in the Family, The Jeffersons, and The Brady Bunch were popular among viewers. There was even Happy Days and Good Times. The shows of the decade also followed roommates in Three's Company and co-workers in M*A*S*H. They had one-woman acts like The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Maude.

The 1970s varied when it came to their TV shows, and while you might remember the characters and story lines, how well do you remember the theme songs? Can you remember where the Jeffersons were "movin' on up" to? The Brady Bunch had a story of a lovely lady who was what? If you can remember these lyrics, you're ready for this quiz!

You can't make it to the start of the show without its theme song. It's the same way that you can't make your way to a perfect score without taking this quiz. Think you can ace it? Let's find out!

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