Quiz: Can You Complete the Lyrics to These Grateful Dead Songs?
Can You Complete the Lyrics to These Grateful Dead Songs?
By: John Miller
Image: Chris Stone

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In 1965, as the Sixties era raged throughout the United States, a new rock band emerged from Palo Alto, California. With its extensive tours and powers of improvisation, the Grateful Dead quickly became a popular act, drawing hardcore “Deadhead” fans who loaded up their VW camper vans and followed the group for months, years, and even decades. In this patchouli-scented quiz, if we give you some of the words to these famous Grateful Dead songs, can you complete the lyrics?

The Dead were a strange breed, even for the oddball era in which they rose to fame. The band gathered influences from all over the musical world and then integrated them into sprawling songs that sometimes lasted for half an hour during live shows. Not all of those tunes were Billboard hits. But from “Casey Jones” to “Truckin’,” to “Around and Around,” these songs were major triumphs during momentous concerts. Do you think you know your Dead lyrics well enough to complete this entire quiz?.

“So come on baby, squeeze me tight / Don't you want your daddy to be all right? I said baby, now it's for sure, I've got the _____, you got the cure.” Think you know the answer to that blank word? Is it A) fever B) money or C) syphilis … or is it a trick question with no correct answer? The right word, of course, is “fever,” and those lyrics are from a popular song called “Good Lovin’.”

Dig that old tie-dye bandana and join the ghost of Jerry Garcia in this tough lyrics quiz! Are you a true Deadhead, or should you just go back to your old BeeGees albums?

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