Can You Complete the Names of These Bath & Body Works Fragrances?
by Stella Alexander

YUMMM. Have you ever wanted to smell like fruit or sweet desserts? You certainly can with Bath & Body Works! With tons of different scents, can you complete the names of their most popular fragrances?

While Bloomingdale's might have you leaving their stores with a little brown bag, who could forget the popular blue and white gingham design of Bath and Body Works? Founded in 1990, the store specializes in beauty, bath, and fragrance products. While you might only be tempted with the fragrance mists and body lotions, the retailer also produces a popular series of candles.

With signature scents that are highly centered around sweet tasting snacks or floral smells, how many of these Bath & Body Works fragrances can you complete? Do you remember if twilight was happening in the woods or forest? Can you remember which Hawaiian island the coconut sunset is taking place on? Does your knowledge include the OG retired scents like Wild Madagascar Vanilla and Cucumber Melon?

We might not be asking you for those, but you'll have to remember the classic scents to even their newest fragrances. From their classic fall pumpkins to their Christmas Noels, how many of these Bath & Body Works fragrances can you complete?

Nose at the ready!

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