Quiz: Can You Complete These '80s Movie Titles?
Can You Complete These '80s Movie Titles?
By: Heather Cahill
Image: Paramount Pictures

About This Quiz

You won't have to phone home to ace this quiz! The '80s was a decade filled with some of the best movies ever made. From the hilarious comedies and lovable romances to the major franchises that are still loved up to this day, there was a movie for everyone. Which movie from the decade was your favorite?

Do you know the missing word in movie titles like "________ Man" or "Raiders of the Lost ____"? Can you remember the missing word in "_______ Times at Ridgemont High"? What word finishes off the title "Beverly Hills _____"? Don't get some of these titles confused with others that are from different decades!

Can you complete comedy titles like "Planes, Trains and _________"? What about films all about growing up, such as "Pretty in ______"? Maybe you're better with action films like "______ Weapon"? This quiz covers many genres from the decade. Fans of all kinds will have a good shot at acing this quiz!

'80s movie buffs, now is your time to shine. In the wise words of Dr. Emmett Brown, where you're going, you don't need roads! So, take a trip back to the '80s in your time machine and see how well you can remember the iconic movie titles from the decade!

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