Quiz: Can You Complete These Classic Rock Lyrics?
Can You Complete These Classic Rock Lyrics?
By: Becky Stigall
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

Classic rock is a genre that defined an era, becoming timeless through generations. Do you know these hit classic rock tunes? Open up the quiz and test yourself out while rocking to the grooves!

The genre of classic rock is very much identified with the songs developed during the '70s. But essentially, classic rock encompasses songs of the earlier rock genres or rock-and-roll offshoots that were released in albums and got good radio airplay. In short, these are the popular rock tunes that blasted from the radios and later boomboxes, with each generation adding a distinct style and feel to the songs of their era. That's because music experts count classic rock as songs that were developed from the 1960s all the way to the 1980s. And if there are similar sounds that popped up during the 1990s and beyond, then it can be classified as being influenced by the classic rock genre.

Classic rock songs were mostly written and performed by rock bands. But there have been a few instances where solo artists also created classics. Some of these songs became anthems of specific generations. And today's professionals -- who grew up listening to such songs -- are reviving or rebooting these classic rock songs when they include it in commercial jingles, TV or movie soundtracks. Then, a whole new generation gets introduced to these timeless classics.

So are you feeling the beat yet? Then come on and rock on with this cool quiz!

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