Can You Complete These Pokémon Evolutions?

Monica Lee

We'll start with an easy one. What does Piku need to evolve to Pikachu?

Pikachu is our hero. He is a bundle of pure yellow happiness. When he gets Thunder Stone, (except in Alola) he will become his true evolved self, Raichu.

This one is so cute: it's Exeggcute. How do you evolve this Pokémon?

What happens when this Psychic Pokémon evolves? You have Exeggutor in your party along with effective powers against Dragon Pokémon.

It's our favorite! Squirtle is ready to evolve. What do you need to do?

One of our favorite Pokémon is Squirtle as he can power up a water move at will. We even like him when evolved to Wartortle.

What does Charmeleon need to evolve?

You'll have to get up to Level 36 to see this Charmeleon evolve into Charizard to use it's fire and flying power.

Sandygast is ghostly, but has been waiting patiently for its turn to evolve. What level do you need to do this?

Sandygast has a grudge against Pokémon and other creatures who soak into the sand after they fall in battle.

What does Gloom need to evolve?

Gloom is a special Pokémon in that if it has the Sun Stone it can evolve into Bellossom, and with the Leaf Stone it can evolve into Vileplume.

What level does Paras need to evolve?

With the power of bug and grass, Paras needs Level 24 to evolve to Parasect.

Venonat needs to evolve. Quick, what level do you have to reach to do it?

Venonat is ready to evolve at Level 31. It means you have trained him well. He will now be a Venomoth.

How can Frogadier get the dark power? What level does it need to achieve?

Greninja has both water and dark power. It evolves from Frogadier at Level 36.

How can you evolve Doublade?

Use the Dusk Stone to evolve Doublade into Aegislash for the power of steel and ghost.

Spritzee is so cute, but it wants to evolve. What do you need?

In order to get your Spritzee to evolve into an Aromatisse, you'll need to trade holding a satchel.

Swirlix is another cutie, but there is no holding this one back. It wants to evolve. How do you do it?

Swirlix can evolve to Slurpuff if you trade holding Whipped Dream. You know Swirlix, a fairy gets what a fairy wants.

What does Ivysaur need to evolve to Venusaur?

If you got fooled and guessed level 16, that's the level that Bulbasaur needs to evolve to Ivysaur. However, Ivysaur needs Level 32 to evolve to Venusaur.

Helioptile is waiting. How will you evolve this Pokémon?

Helioptile only needs the Sun Stone to evolve into Heliolisk for greater electric power. Both are equally cute, evolutions aside.

This dark, psychic Inkay wants to evolve. How are you going to handle that?

Inkay is more complex than others. Maybe because it has greater dark, psychic powers as Malamar.

Pancham is eager to evolve. How do you do it?

Pancham just needs to train to Level 32, along with having a Dark type of Pokémon in the party. Suddenly Pangoro will appear.

Wimpod wants to evolve. What level do you need to get to?

Wimpod can evolve into Golisopod when you reach level 30. Do you remember that one of the ways to catch a Wimpod is for your Pokémon to stand perfectly still and Wimpod will approach due to its curiosity?

Tyrunt is ready. Time to evolve. What do you do?

With the powers of rock and dragon, this Tyrunt wants to be a Tyrantrum. Remember, after sufficient training it has to be daytime when it evolves.

There is always something about Amaura. What do you need to evolve this Pokémon?

You have already obtained Amaura by reviving it from the Sail Fossil. However, Amaura needs it to be dark as night when it evolves into Aurorus, after sufficient training, of course.

This little dragon wants to power up. How will you evolve Sliggoo?

Sliggo with its four horns to sense sounds and smells, requires rain (and training) before it can evolve into Goodra.

Now you did it. Wartortle wants to evolve. You better tell him what level you need to get him to. What is it?

Tell Wartortle you'll need to get him to Level 36 in order to evolve him to Blastoise. He may blast you for that piece of news.

Pumpkaboo is next on your list. How will you evolve this Pokémon?

Ghosts don't have a lot of patience. So you'll need to trade Pumpkaboo at your earliest to evolve into Gourgeist.

Charjabug wants to challenge another Pokémon, but you want it to evolve first. How will you do it?

Charjabug can evolve only if it can level up in a magnetic field area. It's worth it to get Vikavolt.

This Crabrawler is up for a fight if you don't evolve it. Which option is necessary for its evolution?

You'll need to head to Mount Lanakila if you want to evolve your Crabrawler into a Crabominable. That's the fighting spirit!

Caterpie is holding out hope to evolve. What does it take to do that?

Caterpie is waiting to become Metapod, but it won't take long. You'll just need to get this Pokémon to level 7.

Rockruff is a cool Pokémon to have. How will you evolve it?

If you have a Rockruff, you can choose to evolve it at level 25 under the Pokémon Sun or Moon or Dusk to get Lycanroc mid day or Lycanroc night or Lycanroc dusk form.

Fomantis wants to be next. How will you evolve it?

Fomantis needs to get to level 34 and have daylight to evolve into Lurantis. So be sure to take that into account when choosing which Pokémon to evolve when the time is right.

You better do what Salandit wants, which is to evolve. How will you do it?

You're dealing with poison and fire here, so if Salandit wants to evolve to Salazzle, you better do it at level 33 as female.

Bounsweet wants to evolve into Steenee. What do you need to do?

If you so choose, Bounsweet can evolve into Steenee when you reach level 18. But remember, these Pokémon are demanding.

Now that Steenee is here, it wants to evolve. What do you need to do it?

Steenee can evolve to Tsareena when it has learned to Stomp. However, be careful with this one, as it will turn it's evil glare on you if you order it to use a move that will be ineffective.

What does Poipole have to do to evolve?

A trainer's work is never done. You'll have to make sure Poipole has learned the Dragon Pulse before it can evolve into Naganadel.

Poliwhirl is special. How will you evolve this Pokémon?

You have a choice as to how to evolve Poliwhirl. To turn this Pokémon into Poliwrath, use the water stone. If you want Politoed, then trade holding King's Rock.

This psychic Pokémon is thinking about becoming stronger, how will you evolve Cosmoem?

What do you want most a Solgaleo or a Lunala? Either way you can evolve them when conditions are right ... under the Pokémon Sun or Moon.

He's cute, but your Alolan Rattata wants more power. How will you evolve this Pokémon?

All of Rattata powers will increase when he evolves to Raticate or Alolan Raticate. For Alolan Raticate, you'll need to use the latest version.

Sandshrew has been waiting patiently. It's time for it to evolve. How will you do it?

In the Pokémon Sun/Moon Version, you can turn this Sandshrew into a Sandslash and give it the power of Snowcloak and Slush Rush abilities.

C'mon, how cute is that Diglett? You've got to evolve this adorable Pokémon. How will you do it?

This Pokémon will be your favorite. It just needs some training to become Dugtrio or Alola Dugtrio with the powers of Arena Trap, Sand Veil and the hidden power of Sand Force.

Geodude is looking for power, how will you evolve this Pokémon?

As the Graveler this dude, er, Geodude, will have the power of Rock Head, Sturdy and the hidden power of Sand Veil.

Graveler is not satisfied; he wants to be Golem. What do you need to do?

Simply trade in Alola and you'll evolve Graveler to Golem. This Megaton Pokémon stands a little over four feet tall, but weighs over 600 lbs.

Final question: evolve your Pikachu. How will you do it?

Raichu is ready to battle when you use Thunder Stone with Pikachu, although not when you're in Alola. You're done evolving your favorite Pokémon. You did it!

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Okay, everyone sing the chorus! "Pokémon! Gotta catch 'em all/It's you and me/I know it's my destiny/Pokémon! Oh, you're my best friend/In a world we must defend." Ahhh, that felt good. It's not just the song or the animated characters, but what attracts most Pokémon devotes is the power you can bestow with training, applying an elemental stone or trading. You are in control of your Pokémon's evolution. And in the Pokémon world, evolving is everything. Pokémon get stronger and often get a wider move pool. And you can't beat that rich, satisfied feeling of capturing one of the top, megaton Pokémon to have in battle.

Did you play the Red, Blue, or Yellow version? Or did you start with the Gold, Silver, or Crystal versions when happiness or trading with an item was available? If you joined the Pokémon ranks later than that, evolving could happen with gender, time of day, or after a certain move was learned. And then of course, "Pokémon GO!" brought it all into the real world. 

No matter when you started, now is the time to put your gaming skills to the test. Tell us how to evolve each Pokémon. But please don't get Ivysaur if you miss a couple, we want you to be Happiny. Start the quiz now. 

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