Quiz: Can You Correct These 35 Basic Grammar Mistakes?
Can You Correct These 35 Basic Grammar Mistakes?
By: Becky
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About This Quiz

Are you a proud, card-carrying member of the grammar police? Do you fight the urge to correct the multitude of errors your friends and family members make all over the internet? We challenge you to take this How Stuff Works grammar quiz to find out how well you really know your grammar rules.

There are a ton of grammar rules that you'd need to follow to be a perfect writer, and we don't expect you to know them all, but there are some that far too many people don't know - and they should. For instance, the number of people who cannot differentiate between the words their, there, and they're is often frustrating. To avoid misusing these words in the future, here's a little tip: the word "their" is possessive, the word "there" indicates placement and the word "they're" is a contraction that combines the words "they" and "are." Some other similar types of grammar mistakes include the misuse of the words to, too and two; the misuse of the words affect and effect; the misuse of the words your and you're; and the misuse of the words a lot, alot and allot (hint, alot is not a word).

Let's get started to find out how much you really know about grammar.

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