Quiz: Can You Correctly Answer These Easy, Medium, and Hard Firearms Questions?
Can You Correctly Answer These Easy, Medium, and Hard Firearms Questions?
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“Go ahead, make my day.” In our firearms quiz, maybe you’ll cock the hammer and win the day. Or maybe your powder is all wet. Do you really think you can survive the easy, medium and super-tough questions in this gun test?

For centuries, humankind has been tweaking a plethora of various gun designs. During that time, everything from finger-sized pistols to gargantuan big game guns have been used all over the world. Can you recall some of our most famous firearms? And do you really understand firearm categorization?

Guns most certainly are not created equal. Many are just basic single-shot models meant for target practice or basic self-defense. Others are military-grade monsters that spew incredible amounts of lead in just seconds. Do you know your miniguns from your submachine guns?

From the Old West to the Western Front, guns have played iconic roles in human history. Along the way, some gun companies became famous, too. Do you really know the likes your Colts, Winchesters, Remingtons and more?

Set your Tommy gun to full auto and step into the line of fire. Take our tough firearms quiz now!

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