Can You Correctly Guess How Much These Wedding-Related Things Cost?

By: Kennita Leon

An essential item for the bride, wedding dresses are all the fuss at a wedding. One of the costliest items on the wedding list, wedding dresses sell for an average of $1,500 in the U.S.

An optional piece of clothing, a bridals veil is sometimes worn over the face of the bride to symbolize purity. On average, a bridal veil can be purchased for $274. More intricately designed veils are sold for more than $400.

A small but significant item to the bride, hair accessories are affordable and come in at the cost of $10 to $30 depending on the design and materials.

The bridal garter is a lace band worn around the thigh of the bride. As is custom, the groom removes the strap from the bride's leg using just his teeth. A bridal garter can be bought for as little as $5-10.

Bridal shoes form part of the bride's wedding attire. Although traditionally worn in white, bridal shoes today can be purchased in any color. As much as they range in style, bridal shoes also range in price from $25 to $900.

A bridal jacket is worn over the wedding dress to appropriately cover up any exposed skin. It is often worn with strapless dresses and can cost the bride $40. Though some jackets can be $500 if they're specialty.

A delicious wedding item, wedding cakes are a decorative piece as much as they are desserts at a wedding reception. They vary in colors, layers, flavors, sizes and costs from $300 to $700.

Cake platters are used to prop and support the many cakes present at the wedding reception. Cake platters can cost between $20 and $40.

Cake toppers are decorative items that are placed at the very top of the cake. For wedding cakes, miniature figures of the bride and groom are commonly used. They cost on average $25.

As is customary during the wedding reception, the bride and groom cut and share the first piece of their wedding cake with each other. To do this, they use a cake knife and server. These items cost nearly $70 altogether.

As the name would suggest, menu cards present the menu to guests and wedding participants. These customized items cost approximately $15.

Toasting flutes are special glasses used for the consumption of champagne. At weddings, they are used to toast to the newlywed couple and can be a bit pricey to purchase. They can cost anywhere between $30 and $150.

Another personalized wedding item, wedding direction signs are a fun and cute way to point out directions to guests. From quirky to practical, wedding signs can be purchased for $15.

Wedding programs are customized pamphlets that outline the flow of the activities in a wedding. They are quite affordable and cost about $70.

A guestbook is used by the wedded couple to receive well wishes and congratulatory notes from persons in attendance at the wedding. The price of a guestbook ranges from $25 to $80.

Costing an average of $20, garment bags are used for the easy transportation of clothing. They are designed to prevent the wrinkling and collection of dust on apparel.

The seating and placement of guests are usually well-thought out by the couple and wedding planner to ensure a smooth running of the wedding reception. To assist in organized seating, placement cards are used. These cost $0.50 to $3 per card.

A seating chart is used at weddings to depict where guests will be seated during the wedding ceremony and reception. On average, wedding seating charts costs about $50.

Seating at wedding activities can often be a headache. To avoid chaos, seating is usually well-thought and planned. To aid in keeping the seating organized, table numbers are used. These can be purchased at an average price of $20.

Wedding sparklers are miniature, hand-held fireworks formed from a metal wire coated with an oxidizer. Sparklers are often a great way for guests to send the couple off.

A very old tradition, wedding favors are treats or tokens given to guests by the wedded couple during the wedding reception. Wedding favors can be anything from bags of candy, boxes of cake or small pictures of the couple. Wedding favors can cost an estimated $3 per item.

Aisle runners can be used for both indoor and outdoor weddings. Available in a variety of colors form the traditional ivory to red, aisle runners can be personalized to feature the names of the couples. Wedding aisle runners can be purchased for as little as $10 or as much as $2,000.

A decorative piece, aisle chair decors are placed on the chairs nearest to the aisle. They add style to the venue and range from kissing balls to flowers. They typically cost about $15.

A bouquet carried by the bride, the bridal bouquet often features the bride's favorite colors or favorite flowers. Traditionally, the bouquet is passed onto a single female guest. On average, bridal bouquets cost $150.

Flower girl baskets are used to house the flower petals thrown by flower girls at a wedding. They can be simple wicker baskets or more intricately made using satin and silk. Depending on the make, flower girl baskets are sold for $6 to $35.

Traditionally, the bride is lead in by flower girls who have the responsibility of scattering flower petals along the way. Real rose petals typically cost 43 per cup while artificial ones are more affordable at a price of $1 per cup. These are scattered by flower girls.

As is customary, the rings or wedding bands are carried in on a pillow of silk or satin by the ring bearer. A ring pillow, as it is called, can be purchased at a price of $10 to $25.

An optional wedding item, a sand ceremony set is used by the couple to declare the beginning of their lives as one. Sand ceremony sets utilize colored sand and are usually sold at prices ranging from $30 to $60.

Most popular in the United States of America, a unity candle is used to symbolize the merge of the lives of the bride and groom. Usually, a set of three, unity candles can be purchased for as low as $15.

Necessary for wedding photographs, wedding photo booth backdrops often feature sequined or sparkling material. On average these backdrops cost $20. This sequined material is used when taking wedding photographs.

A welcome sign seats on an easel at the entrance to the wedding. Its purpose is to welcome the guests to the wedding. These personalized items cost anywhere between $10 and $150.

Wedding card boxes and baskets are placed on the gift tables at weddings. Guests put cards for the couple in them. Wedding card boxes usually cost on average $25.

Weddings are a very special event to many. Memories are cherished and captured in photographs that can be taken with inexpensive cameras like disposable and polaroid cameras. These cameras can be purchased for an average of $50 and $100 respectively.

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