Quiz: Can You Correctly ID These Common Building Materials?
Can You Correctly ID These Common Building Materials?
By: Lauren Lubas
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About This Quiz

The carpentry trade lost a little bit of steam at the beginning of the 21st century as working with building materials was replaced with working with computers. However, in an odd twist, home repair, carpentry, and DIY building has made a comeback with the help of YouTube tutorials. As we come full circle on this trade, many people are getting into building their own furniture, repairing their homes, and even creating beautiful artwork with the help of building materials. Whether or not you consider yourself handy, you'd be surprised at how much you might know about the materials used to build pretty much everything you see. These materials are everywhere you look. If you've taken the time to learn what they are, you should have at least a cursory knowledge of how these items work, what they look like, and what they're used for. 

Whether you're a master carpenter or a DIY diva, you have to be able to recognize the proper materials and know exactly what they're used for to ensure that your projects are completed properly. Now, it's time to test your skills. We'll show you common building materials, you tell us what they are. Let's see if you can ace this quiz.

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This incredibly strong wood is generally used in beams and framing. What kind of wood is it?
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These bricks can provide both sound and thermal insulation. What kind of bricks are they?
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This screw is used for light-duty projects. What do you call it?
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This type of drywall is best known for its moisture resistance. What is it called?
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This is mostly used to hide seams in drywall. What is it?
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These panels are used mainly for roofing and facade products. What is it?
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This material is five times stronger than steel. What is it?
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What kind of screw is this?
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This wood is great for outdoor projects. What is it?
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This drywall has a resistance to mold and mildew. What is it?
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You may recognize this as a brick, but what kind of brick is it?
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What kind of caulk is this?
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This isn't just for bulletproof vests. What is this material?
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This is the best concrete for foundations. What is it?
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These nails can be used in wood, stone or brick. What are they called?
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This type of wood is strong and lightweight. What is it called?
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These bricks top off retaining walls. What are they called?
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What would you call this?
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This common material has a lot of uses in construction and any kind of building. What is it?
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These tiles are tough and have to be applied with grout. Which material are they made out of?
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This siding is a big seller because of how durable it is and how easy it is to clean. What is it made of?
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This type of insulation is great for sound-proofing rooms. What is it called?
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This material has a lot of different applications, but it's mostly found as siding for Southwestern homes.
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These tiles are great for roofing because they insulate well. What are they made out of?
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These shingles are made of one of the most common roofing materials. What are they made of?
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These incredibly short nails are normally used for fixing floors. What are they called?
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What type of wood is this?
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Many carpenters like to use this wood on finishes, because it ages well. What kind of wood is it?
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This is one of the most common types of wall insulation. What is it made out of?
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Which material are these beams made of?
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These steel beams are used to reinforce concrete. What are they called?
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What do you call the paste that holds bricks together?
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This stone is used to make concrete and is also a base material for many roads. What is it?
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What do you call this common screw?
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This substance is commonly used in wood repair and woodworking projects. What is it?
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What is this light-weight "glass" made out of?
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What do you call these thin bricks?
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