Quiz: Can you dance your way through this ballet history quiz?
Can you dance your way through this ballet history quiz?
By: Isadora Teich
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Ballet requires grace, strength and years of backbreaking dedication. Do you have what it takes to plié your way through this HowStuffWorks quiz? Point your toes and give it a whirl!

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In which country does ballet have its roots?
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What are female ballet dancers called?
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During which era did people begin to dance ballet?
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Where is the oldest national ballet company in the world based?
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Which famous ballet features a woman cursed to turn into a swan?
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Which type of ballet draws from diverse modern influences?
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Early ballet was commonly a part of which type of performance in France?
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Most ballet terms are in which language?
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In France, early ballet was mostly performed where?
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Which country, other than France, became world famous for ballet?
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What ballet technique requires special shoes to be worn by the dancers?
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Where in the U.K. is The Royal Ballet company based?
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When did ballet become popular in America?
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Who performed in early ballets at royal French courts?
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Which Shakespearian play was adapted into a ballet?
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Where were the first ballet academies opened?
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Until the late 1600s, all of the most renowned professional ballet dancers were:
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Which artist was famous for painting ballet dancers?
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In France, ballet was originally funded by:
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Pointe technique was originally performed by:
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When do most professional ballet dancers begin training?
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What are male ballet dancers called?
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Where is the Bolshoi Ballet company based?
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Which of these countries was a late bloomer when it came to developing a ballet tradition?
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The score of "Swan Lake" was created by which famous composer?
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Which Disney movie has the same name as a famous unfinished Russian ballet?
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Which ballet features a lovely young girl who is bullied by her wicked stepmother?
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Who made history as the first African American principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre?
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What style of ballet focuses on classical ballet technique?
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Romantic ballet was largely influenced by:
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Which country reinvigorated ballet when it was declining in Europe?
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Which famous Russian ballet is often performed during the holiday season?
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In which state is the oldest ballet company in America?
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Neoclassical ballet performances often do not have:
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Which ballet company found a way to turn Shakespeare's "Macbeth" into a ballet in 2016?
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